Missha Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence Review

More Mugworty Goodness! I am on a mission to review these new 100% Mugwort Essences that so many brands are creating now!  There seems to be a trend with these “single essence” treatments going on ~ whether it is Amore Pacific Vintage Single Essence made with fermented green tea or these fermented and aged mugwort … More Missha Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence Review

Caryophy Portulaca Toner Review

Another product review on a brand I am not very familiar with ~ Caryophy, a K-Beauty Green Beauty Brand that specializes in products that contain portulaca.  The name Caryophy comes from the Latin botanical order of portulaca, caryophyllales.  Jolse, a Korean online shop, sent me this toner for review purposes.   Skin type/concerns:  Oily, aging, blemish … More Caryophy Portulaca Toner Review

Nightingale Teatamin Sleeping Mask Review

Have you heard of this brand Nightingale?  I haven’t before so when Korean Online Store Jolse allowed me to select some products for review purposes, this product hit 3 of my sweet spots: New Brand, Tea Tree, Sleeping Pack.  It also has exfoliating properties, so this was of keen interest to me.    Skin type/concerns:  Oily, … More Nightingale Teatamin Sleeping Mask Review