Referral/Coupon Savings

I will keep this page updated with referral savings and affiliate links.  I would love it if you used my links as the tiny amount of commissions and referrals I make is used to put back into my blog ~ for giveaways, reviews and maintenance fees.   There is no cost to you if you use my links.  The stores are in alphabetical order. Click on the alpha range you want and it will jump you to the section.

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Althea This is a great Asian Beauty Site.  They have boxes (like Memebox used to have) and I have ordered from them several times now!  Save $15.00 with your first order by using my referral link here

Banish: Save $10.00 off your first purchase of $50.00 or more at Banish with my referral link

BB Cosmetic: Save 8% on your purchases at BB Cosmetic using promo code use YW36SVN21HU  (read intro post here)

Beauteque: Save 10% on your purchases at Beauteque with code MICHELE10

Beautibi:  Save $5 on 1st purchase at Beautibi  If this code stops working, please let me know. For some reason, they “expire” and I have to create a new one. 

Beautius: Earn $1.00 credit towards your first order at Beautius, plus earn credit with every purchase

Cosmetic-Love: Save 15% on 1st purchase at Cosmetic-Love


eBates: Use eBates to earn money when you spend money!  Use my referral link to earn $10.00 with your first purchase using eBates.

Glow Recipe: Save 15% off your first purchase at Glow Recipe with my referral link (click here)

Herb Stop: Save 15% off your first subscription box from Herb Stop ~ this is an essential oil subscription service and it is amazing! Use code BFFM15


iHerb: Save $5.00 off your first purchase at iHerb by using my referral link here  They are now stocking K-Beauty items!

Japan Skin:  Lots of Japanese Skincare.  Save 10% off your first purchase by using my referral link here.

Keauty Picks: If this is your first time purchasing at Keauty Picks, you can save 15% by using my referral link (click here)

Kloverbox: Save 10% off your subscription with Kloverbox by using my referral link here

KollectionK: Save 15% at KollectionK using promo code COLEDIANCARDI (they typo’d my IG name!!)  This code is good until the end of November 2016.  Check them out as they have great Korean items, not just skincare and makeup either

Korean Buddy: Save 50% off handler fee with Korean Buddy Shipping Service by using my blog url as a referral with your first purchase

MaskGenie: Use coupon code BEAUTYFINDS5 to save 5% off any purchase at Mask Genie  MaskGenie is temporarily closed

Moon Valley Organics:  They make some awesome honey based products. Their lotion bar is amazing.  Save 20% off your first purchase by using my referral link (click here)


Peach & Lily:  Save $10.00 off your first $50.00+ purchase at Peach & Lily by using my referral link (click here)

Q-Depot: Get Free Shipping and $5 towards first purchase at Use MM1124 to save 10% off your first purchaseSave 7% off Cruelty Free Brands at Q-Depot with code  GoCF7off

Seoul Mamas: Save 10% off your first purchase with my referral link (click here

Skin18: Save 25% on your 1st purchase at Skin18 with my referral link (click here)

Skinfood USA: Save $10.00 off your first Skinfood USA purchase of $50.00 or more by using my referral link (click here)

Soko Glam: Save 20% off your first order at Soko Glam by using my referral link (click here)

St Tropica: Save 10% at St Tropica  (click here), who make the best hot oil hair masks EVAH.   Use promo code STT10.  I would not normally post a product review here on my savings page, but I love this oil hot treatment THAT much.  See my review here

Thrive Market: Save 15% off your first purchase at Thrive Market ~ you can sign up for 30 days free ~ use my referral link here  Lot of eco-friendly, organic products here.

ToGoSpa Society Box: Save 15% off your first box with ToGoSpa.  Use code  Unboxing15


W2Beauty: Currently, W2Beauty has revamped their website and I do not know the status of referral links.  I will update this page once I find out any information.  They are very generous with free samples, which vary depending on availability.  The more you order, the more (and bigger) freebies you get.  FREE shipping for purchases $60.00+ If under $60.00, there is a one flat rate fee ~ for example, for USA, it would be $12.50.  You can check out the rates here.

OR if you include any products from Benton (which is amazing, check out my reviews here), Klairs ~ the supple toner is fantastic ~ and Troiareuke.   Save $5 on 1st purchase at W2Beauty with my referral link or sponsor code 0811226902.  They also give out a ton of free gifts ~ take a look at their freebie page here.   

Wishtrend  June Codes:  Get a FREE Klairs’ Supple Preparation All-Over Lotion by only paying the shipping fee ~ use promo code ALLOVERLOTION6  (I have this lotion and will be writing a review really soon on it!! Also, if you have more than $69.00 in your cart OR you add a product from their free shipping area, you won’t have to pay shipping costs – add the lotion first to your cart, put in the promo code and then go to the free shipping area to add another item)   10% off all purchases over $30.00 USA ~ use promo code WISHINJUN

Use code NEWYEARNEWME10OFF for 10% off $50+

YamiBuy:  This is an Asian store that sells cosmetics, skincare, snacks and electronics.  If you want to get 500 points when you register and save $5.00 on your first purchase, use my referral link here to register

YesStyle:  Use YESSTYLE with your first purchase (click here).   They not only carry Asian skincare and makeup (Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese), but also fashions and lifestyle ~ for women, men and kids!

Yogi Surprise has two boxes:  Jewelry Box (save 10% off your first box) and Lifestyle box ~ save 20% for the life of your subscription by using code BELOVE