Memebox Labor Day Sales!

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Labor Day Sales!!

Site Wide Sale

  • Promo Code FUN15: Spend $50.00 and save 15%
  • Promo Code FUN20: Spend $75.00 and save 20%
  • Promo Code FUN25: Spend $100.00 and save 25%

Labor Day Sitewide Sale: This promotion is valid from 9/1/16 at 2pm PT until 9/6/16 at 9am PT. The coupon codes will not apply to boxes and value sets. Price adjustments for past/future orders not available. Codes subject to change without notice. Other restrictions may apply. This offer is subject to change, alteration, or termination by Memebox at its sole discretion at any time.


Save up to 80% on Selected Items

DISCLAIMER: This promotion is valid from 9/1/16 at 2pm PT until 9/6/16 at 9am PT. The sale only applies to the page “Labor Day Sale On Sale” while supplies last. Prices are already discounted and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Other restrictions may apply. This offer is subject to change, alteration, or termination by Memebox at its sole discretion at any time.

Some items that I think are worth looking into

Goodal products 




Ciracle Absolute Deep Cleansing Oil  –> review here


Thank You Farmer

Holika Holika Lazy & Easy All-In-One Master Essence  –> review here


16 Brand

For a complete look at their current boxes, click here

New Products

Lots of sales, points program and new items!

BANOBAGI I love this mask and I will be reviewing all 4 of them on my IG and then here as a Mask Digest:  Vita Genic Relaxing Jelly Mask

Banobagi Vita Genic Relaxing Jelly Mask This is a new brand (for me!) and I purchased several of these masks at Memebox recently. this is their "Relaxing" mask, which is an anti-wrinkle, whitening (brightening), calm and balance mask made with Vitamin B (niacinamide). The description states "The 'Liposome vitamin' jelly sheet mask is filled with ingredients that are nutriitious and moisturizing. The skin soothing aloe leaf water from Jeju Island will gently calm and relax the sensitive skin from external environmental factors". Liposome vitamin is 20,000ppm of a concentrated Vitamin Complex essence consisting of 8 vitamins/derivatives (A, B3, B5, C, E and F). I did not take a selfie with this one, because originally it was just going to be a "pleasure" mask ~ one that I would try without having to review ~ I honestly didn't think that it would be that great. Wow, was I wrong. The mask is similar to the "I'm Sorry for My Skin" Jelly Masks (only less expensive!) ~ very wet, gelatinous, with a thick, jelly essence. And lots of it. The mask fit is huge ~ I had so much left over chin area that I tucked it under my chin! The scent is very fresh ~ smells like aloe vera and this mask feels so cooling and refreshing on my skin. This mask also contains Vitamin E and Royal Jelly extracts to deeply moisturize and heal your skin. It also contains ubiquinone, another brightening ingredient and Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate). Beta-sitosterol helps exfoliate clogged pores, removing dead skin cells, excess oil and other debris. I left this mask on for an hour and I could have gone longer, except it was a quarter to midnight and I HAD.TO.GO.TO.BED. I felt bad about removing a mask that still could go on for another 20 minutes. I was amazed at the results ~ my face was very much brighter, radiant and yeah, lightened. Sure, it was temporary, but WOW. Really brightened. This mask also really soothed my skin and hydrated the shit out of it. This is, quite frankly, a great mask. Totally impressed. I have the other types at home and I will do mini reviews (plus selfie for mask fit comparison) and a mask digest once I am done. continued in comments…

A photo posted by biancardi (@colebiancardi) on

Pore-Ever Young Box

Let’s face it– we can’t stay forever young. But with the right goodies in our beauty regimen, our skin can at least look like we are! That’s where this brilliant box of pore minimizers comes in. From cleanser to mask, they work every step of your skincare routine to keep pores taut and tidy. Because youthful skin is all about the little deets. As in itty, bitty, tiny, little pores. Tip: Keep these pore-shrinkers in the fridge for a max tightening effect.

  • Papa Recipe Pore Tightening Cooling Bar | Full-Size 100g ($11)
  • Papa Recipe Pore Tightening Essence | Full-Size 100ml ($16)
  • Papa Recipe Pore Tightening Gel Cream | Full-Size 50ml ($20)
  • Papa Recipe Bombee Black Honey Mask | Full-Size 25g ($3)

Peelin’ Fantastic Box

How you peelin’? Peel even better with this box of super fun products that’ll leave your skin looking and feeling brand spankin’ new.

  • LadyKin Aqua Exfoliator For Body | Full-Size 150ml ($11)
  • Manyo Factory Active Refresh Herb Peeling Gel | Full-Size 120ml ($25)
  • Esfolio Foot & Heel Peeling Mask | Full-Size 20ml ($3)
  • Etude House Kissful Lip Care Lip Scrub | Full-Size 10g ($6)


New Bonvivant Masks – THAT Day Masks (hahaha)

Mizon is now at Memebox!

Etude House AC Clean Up Pink Powder Spot Set

ESFOLIO  Value Set Soy Milk Set – For Oily Skin

ESFOLIO  Value Set Marin Water Set – For Combination Skin


ESFOLIO  Value Set Goat Milk Set – For Dry Skin


Tutti Frutti Box  (see my review on the Half Moon Eyes Dragon Fruit Pore Mask here)

DISCLAIMER:This box will be shipped out between Sept 8 – Sept 16 via FedEx SmartPost. Regular items that are ordered with this pre-sale product will be shipped separately. While supplies last.

Take your skin on a tropical vacay! This newly picked box is full of exotic fruit refreshers that’ll relax, recover, and revitalize your skin from start to finish, cleansing to masking. BRB while we get our tutti frutti on.

  • DillyDelight Lychee Hydra Soap | Full-Size 100g ($13)
  • Half Moon Eyes Dragon Fruit Pore Remover Triple Set | Full-Size 10ml *3pcs ($10)
  • Half Moon Eyes Milky Jelly Toning Essence | Full-Size 180ml ($22)
  • Bonvivant Illuminator Pudding-Like Water Gel Mask | Full-Size 50ml ($16)


Welcome Back

Look at some of the cute items here!


Care Package Box

Show your BAEs you care with this box full of feel gooders! With pick-me-up sheet masks, tasty treats, and other thoughtful things, this is the perfect package for all the loves in your life that can use a little extra TLC.

  • Leaders Too Much Fun in the Sun? Mask | Full-Size 25ml ($5)
  • Leaders Pore Gone for Good Mask | Full-Size 25ml ($5)
  • Leaders What Happened Last Night? Mask | Full-Size 25ml ($5)
  • Leaders Bye Bye to Dry Mask | Full-Size 25ml ($5)
  • Leaders Break up With Your Ex-Skin Cells Mask | Full-Size 25ml ($5)
  • Bonvivant Pure Mask Pack Lotus | Full-Size 20ml ($1)
  • Bonvivant Pure Mask Pack Olive | Full-Size 20ml ($1)
  • Bonvivant Mellow Clay Mask – Pink Calamine | Full-Size 70g ($14)
  • Bonvivant Cat Headband | One Size ($5)
  • Memebox Bag | One Size ($9)
  • Lotte Malang Cow Candy-Strawberry | Full-Size 63g ($3.20)
  • Lotte Kancho Choco Cup | Full-Size ($2.40)
  • Memebox Boba Sticker | One Size ($1)


the Saem 

One of my favorite items by the Saem is their concealer perfection tip concealer

Under the Sea Box

DISCLAIMER:This box will be shipped out between Aug 23 – Aug 30 via FedEx SmartPost. Regular items that are ordered with this pre-sale product will be shipped separately. While supplies last.

Darling, it’s better down where it’s wetter! We’re taking a cue from Sebastian and diving deep into the sea to bring our best skin to the surface. From creams and masks to packs flowing with aquatic ingredients from all over the world, this box is truly a treasure from down under.

  • Etude House Finding Dory Cream | Full-Size  ($12)
  • Botanic Farm Mineral Pop Sparkling Bubble Pack | Full-Size ($26)
  • Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Powder | Full-Size ($2)
  • Tosowoong Mermaid Princess Aqua Refresh Black Mask | Full-Size ($3)
  • Nature SC Pearl Whitening Pack | Full-Size ($3)



Gudetama is in the HOUSE!  I have reviewed a couple of products  (pink grapefruit blush and Lazy & Easy Character Mask) already and have reviewed their essence, oil to foam cleanser and peeling gel here.   BTW the oil to foam cleanser has a pH 0f 5 to 5.5!!

Oil Free Zone Box  I did order this one myself!  Read my Unboxing here

Estimated shipping date for this item is after Aug 15, 2016. Regular items that are ordered with this pre-sale product will be shipped separately. While supplies last.

Transform your T-zone into an oil-free zone! From drying powders and cooling cream to pore-tightening masks, these sebum-zapping scores will turn your gross grease into a glam glow. Because sometimes, blotting just doesn’t cut it.

  • A’Pieu Rilakkuma Mud Cleansing Foam | Full-Size 130ml ($9)
  • Manyo Factory Galactomyces T-Serum Pore & Sebum Control | Full-Size 30ml ($25)
  • Botanic Farm Ice Cooling Sherbet | Full-Size 100g ($9)
  • Yadah Anti-T Mask | Full-Size 20g ($3)
  • Leaders 2 Step Double Effect Pore Tightening Mask | Full-Size 28g ($6)
  • Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder | Full-Size 6g ($8.50)

NEW! bonVivant Illuminator Whitening Water Gel Mask & Illuminator Whitening Ampule


New! Song Joong Ki 7 Days Masks & Girls Generation Stem Cell Mask Packs



Pony Effects Long Lasting Makeup   



Nooni Goat Milk Cream


New BonVivant Pure Botanical Masks   See my review here on these masks.  They are currently $1.00 each, but Memebox has put together some great value sets ~ 14 masks, plus 3 free gifts ~ a cat headband and 2 of the new Bonvivant Clay Masks (read my review here)



Nooni Advanced Therapy Line ~ items are sold individually or in kits

Anti Acne Box This is a pre-order box ~ it won’t ship out until 8/1

Got Acne? Fear not bebegrl, cuz we got yo back! This box is loaded with your fave Korean beauty treasures and finds to treat those seemingly endless breakouts and clean up the existing ones.

  • SNP ACSYS Spot Trouble Care Patch | Full-Size 6pcs ($5)
  • Chica Y Chico Asta-Z 4.0 | Full-Size 30ml ($25)
  • Elizavecca Hell Pore Clean Up AHA Fruit Toner | Full-Size 200ml ($18)
  • Leaders Pore-Scaling Black Aqua Mask | Full-Size 25ml ($4)
  • Etude House AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser | Full-Size 150ml ($14)


Sunday Funday Theme Box ~ This is a pre-order box ~ it won’t ship out until 8/1

Bored with your generic skincare products? Since it’s your weekend, Sunday is the best time to experiment around with these fun, new products and go back to work on Monday with a fresh face. From marshmallow textured cleansers to sheet masks that will transform you to Gudetama or Mardi Gras ready, you’ll never have a dull moment with this curated box! Go ahead, open me up.

  • Re:cipe Slowganic Cleanser Mini Trio | Deluxe Sample 10g each ($3.30).
  • Neogen Code 9 Glacial Magic Pore Mask | Full-Size 120g ($36)
  • Prelab Toning Peeling Tap | Full-Size 1ml x 15pcs ($20)
  • Mediheal Dress Code Mask: Red – Ginseng Care| Full-Size 27ml ($3)
  • I’m Meme I’m Tint Balm – Rose Burgundy | Full-Size 4g ($7)
  • Holika Holika Lazy & Easy Gudetama Sheet Mask | Full-Size 23ml ($5)


NEW!  Thank You Farmer Brand ~ check out my reviews here and here for Thank You Farmer

New Magnet Set – Get both the kitty & the snail for $3.50


New Bonvivant Botanical Mellow Clay Masks ~ read my unboxing and review on some the masks here!

Manyo Factory




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