Unboxing July 2015 GlobeIn Artisan Box + Promo Code!

This month’s GlobeIn is the best one I have received so far.  What is GlobeIn Aristan Box?

The GlobeIn Artisan Box is a monthly subscription box featuring our favorite products from global artisans. Each box is curated around a monthly theme selected by our editor with the aim of helping you experience new and interesting products and cultures.  It’s our passion to discover extraordinary finds from all over the globe and share them with you. Our marketplace features thousands of handmade and Fair Trade products sourced from direct relationships with artisans as well as vetted partner organizations. From Mexican palm leaf woven baskets to Moroccan sequined handbags to hand-sewn Indian quilts, each item is unique and has a story worth sharing.    GlobeIn is dedicated to supporting artisans from all walks of life with an emphasis on artisans in the developing world where, after agriculture, artisan goods are the second largest source of employment. GlobeIn is dedicated to reducing poverty by giving these artisans, and subsequently their communities, a global audience. Each month, we select one exceptional artisan or artisan collective and ask our community to help crowd-fund a special project

They have 3 subscription types, all which feature free shipping and as low as $30.00 a month.  I have a special promo code at the end of this blog post.

  • Monthly $35/month
  • Three Month $33/month ($99)
  • Six Month $30/month ($180)

Now onto my box!  This month’s theme is Wander

The “Wander” Artisan Box is a collection of mindful products that will prepare you for the great outdoors, whether it is walking in the park, strolling on the beach, or going camping with the family! Say hello to summer!


My Wander Box Revealed!

Informational Card

I will be posting the individual informational card information with the product unboxing 🙂


Apihapi Drawstring Cotton Backpack (Sri Lanka)  I received a dark red backpack with black cotton strings.  I really like this a lot!  They have other colors, like a forest green and the denim blue color pictured, but I am pretty happy with this shade of dark berry.     It looks orange in the photo above, but that is due to the flash ~ it really is the color in the group photo for the Wander Box and you can see the color below with the product cards.  This backpack is supposed to carry up to 41 pounds!  I doubt I want to carry that much weight on my back 🙂    Retail Value $29.99

Description: The backpacks will come in a variety of crush-worthy colors and will quickly become your go-to accessory for any summer-worthy activity! According to customer reviews they are also great for the gym and, due to their durability, can even substitute your regular backpack!  With these backpacks we are happy to introduce our customers to ApiHappi, a brand that strives to revitalize the art of handloom and empower creative artisans in Sri Lanka by producing fun and stylish products for the world to enjoy.


100% Natural Mosquito Repellent by Lulu Life (South Sudan)  This lovely pot of shea butter is scented with lemon eucalyptus to help repel bugs and mosquitoes.   I can certainly use this now!  The bugs are biting for sure.  This is has a lovely texture and initially, the balm is very sticky but it does absorb into my skin.  This is an all natural product, so no worries with chemicals and pesticides!   You shouldn’t apply this on children that are under 3 years of age.  Full Size 50 mL Value $7.95

Description: We are a Sudanese Women’s Cooperative producing hand made, extra virgin, cold-pressed, organic, nilotic shea butter. Different from West African shea butter, Nilotic shea butter is naturally higher in shea olein and unsaponifiables, melting more gently into the skin. 100% of the sale price is ours to cover our costs, strengthen our cooperative, support our families and develop our communities.

Ingredients: Shea butter with beeswax and natural lemon eucalyptus (PMD extract) 




Mr Ellie Pooh Elephant Travel Journal  (Sri Lanka) This is the most unique item I have ever received in a subscription box!   This hand made paper journal is make from elephant dung (poo to you) and the pages are held by a metal spiral.  There are 50 pages of paper in each travel journal, all with the “Printed on Elephant Dung Paper” wording on each page.   Elephant dung is collected from wild elephants and then it is boiled, sanitized and then made into pulp to create the acid-free paper.  I love this notebook!  I have to purchase some more ~ I received one that has a nice brick red, heavy cardboard cover.   I also love that what was considered a nuisance (wild elephants) are now an asset.  I love elephants ~ they are smart and they do remember!  Value $14.99

Description: Your journal protects wild elephants by giving them economic value. Elephants like Pooja eat about 330 pounds a day. Elephants eat grasses, shrubs and anything they can get their trunks on. Thanks to this high volume, all vegan diet, elephant dung makes the perfect fibrous base for rich, recycled paper. Pooja lives in a region where elephants are being killed at an alarming rate – simply because they are viewed as a nuisance. As development in Sri Lanka expands, demand for agricultural land grows. And wild elephants destroy crops. To protect their livelihoods, farmers kill an average of 2.4 elephants per week. But thanks to Pooja and Pooh Paper, over 50 Sri Lankan paper artisans can earn a living, and wild elephants can now be seen as an economic asset.

Kuli Kuli Crunchy Almond Bar   (Ghana) Yummy ~ I love dates and almonds together and this power bar is made with those ingredients plus moringa, which is a superfood – packed with amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants.  This has more protein than greek yogurt, more calcium than milk and 7 times the Vitamin C of orange juice.  This is a good dense bar for those days where I am on the go and need a quick snack to tide me over until I can have a meal.    Value $2.00

Description: Plump dates and a tad of agave nectar add a hint of sweetness to a delicious moringa and almond medley. Simple and nutritious, just like the doctor ordered. Great as an offering in a restaurant or healthy café.  Indigenous cultures around the world have relied upon Moringa oleifera, a nutrient-rich superfood, for thousands of years. This “miracle tree” is packed with protein, essential amino acids, 27 vitamins and 46 antioxidants. Snack on one of our delicious nutrition bars and feel the power of moringa for yourself.  Every Kuli Kuli Bar that you purchase helps to support women moringa farmers in West Africa where we work to improve health and livelihoods. Nourishing you, nourishing the world.

Ingredients: Dates, Almonds, Agave, Moringa




Palm Leaf Basket  (Mexico)   This is a traditional basket made in Mexico by indigenous Oaxacan artisans and is known as a tenate basket and it is currently included in every box, regardless if you are new to GlobeIn or a long time subscriber.   It made with discarded palm leaves and painted with natural, water borne paints and can take up to 6 hours to weave.  This month my basket is a great color for me ~ a cobalt blue with a diagonal diamond pattern.  Very happy to get a basket that isn’t pink or purple.  Value $12.00 but since it is not unique item anymore, I will not be including the price in the subscription value.

Description: Profiria and Margarita are living national treasures. As the matriarchal members of Oaxaca’s petate basket-weaving community, they grew-up in the days when basket-weaving was an essential skill for creating utilitarian housewares like bedrolls. In fact, petate, the intricate and ancient weaving pattern they practice is derived from the word “bedroll” in their native Nahuatl language.   Margarita is the eldest master. And her eyesight is failing, but her imminent blindness has not slowed down her competent hands, which Margarita says, stoically, “know the way.” Thousands of years of ancestral knowledge lie embedded her gaunt fingers. Encroaching arthritis also threatens to put the final damper on her practice. But for now, Margarita’s slender hands move swiftly. When she is no longer able to weave, Margarita prays Profiria and the younger members of Oaxaca’s basket weaving community will be able to carry-on the tradition of petate weaving.


If you want to learn more about the items, the artists and their plans to protecting our fair mother earth, you can read it here.     I paid $29.66, which includes shipping, for my box, as I am on a 3 month subscription plan and received a value of $54.93 as I am no longer going to include the basket in the value of the box.  This has to be the highest value for a GlobeIn box for me and I adore the Elephant Poo Travel Journal and the backpack!

This is my last regular GlobeIn.  I decided not to resubscribe as I am tired of the baskets, but I will keep an eye out for any boxes that look really good, and purchase those as one off for now.  If they change up the baskets with other items, such as a scarf, fabric or artisan paper, I will be happy to resubscribe for a longer period of time, as I do enjoy this subscription.   As the baskets seem to be their “signature” piece, I have major doubts that will ever happen 😦  As I have mentioned before and I will keep stating this in my reviews, I do feel that they need to stop including the basket as part of the amount of the box, as if that is included in every box, it is no longer a treat and not unique.  A subscription box should be offering new and unique items every month and having it be included in the subscription box value is not fair to long term subscribers, imho.

Do you subscribe to GlobeIn Artisan Box?  What was your favorite item this month?

Promo Code:  Use code  WELCOME on a 3 month subscription and save $8.75


[ all descriptions in italics from globein.com and linked product sites.  May contain affiliate links ]


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