Memebox I’m Perfect Kabuki Brush Value Set Initial Impressions

The other week, I purchased a couple of Memebox XO brush value sets, the I’m Brush Pro Artist Set and the newly released Kabuki Brush Set.  I have been really drooling over the Kabuki set ~ nothing like a bullet brush!    Memebox XO sells them separately, but really, the price for the set is worth it. 

I have a whole section in my blog,  devoted to Memebox, so if you want to know more, check out the Memebox category.

I’m Perfect Brush Kabuki Brushes

kabuki-brush-set_1Description: These mega-soft, multipurpose kabuki brushes do it all. Small but powerful, they are designed to help you achieve perfectly smooth results and highly precise application of any face makeup product of your choice. It can be used with powder, liquid foundation and even cheek color! The high quality strands of the brush are very dense that no streaks would ever be left behind. 

OMG – THESE ARE SO CUTE.   They even come with their own carrying case ~ squeeeeeeeee! 

image from


I’m Perfect Brush #09 Jumbo  These brushes are so sweet!  They aren’t that big, but it is a Kabuki brush, so it will be smaller.    The handle is  bronze colored aluminum and the bristles are PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate).  The bristles are very soft, similar to the I’m Powder Brush ~ like bunny fur.   What I find really neat about these brushes is that they can be used for either powder or cream makeup products.  I am going to use the Jumbo for powder and the Mini for cream, just to keep them separate.    I also love that both brushes come with their own mesh traveling bag, to keep the brushes secure and not cause the bristles to get mushed and out of shape, if you carry this in your makeup bag.  Value $24.00


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I’m Perfect Brush #10 Mini   The mini-me brush is just that ~ it is a smaller bullet brush than the Jumbo brush ~ it looks and feels just like the Jumbo brush, with the bronze aluminum handle and the PBT soft bristles.  I plan to use this brush for applying liquid and cream makeup products, like foundation and blushes.    Value $19.00

image from
 image from

 I used the small brush to apply my Jouer Matte Tint

You can see that the small discoloration is now covered up.  My hand was not moisturized beforehand, but you can see that the I’m Perfect Brush did cover up the imperfections and gives a nice no-makeup makeup look.


I am pretty pleased with the Kabuki Brush Set from Memebox.  The brushes are dense enough to apply cream and liquid foundations/blushes as well as powders, yet soft enough not to be harsh on the skin.  These are still in stock as a value set which if you are interested in, I highly recommend as it is a great deal ~ the total value of the brushes are $43.00 and the value set is only $20.00

Have you any of the Memebox XO brushes?  Which ones do you own and are you interested in any of the brushes in this blog post?  Let me know!


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