Memebox I’m Brush Pro Artist Value Set Initial Impressions

I received a Memebox XO I’m Eyeshadow brush in my Tools Box  and I really loved the quality of that brush.  I found helped me with a smoother and more intense application of my eyeshadow without having “brush” or product fallout.   I decided to purchase a couple of their Brush value sets, the I’m Brush Pro Artist Set and the newly released Kabuki Brush Set, which I will review later.

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The videos in this blog post are from the Memebox-Korea channel on Youtube

I’m Brush #06 Lip Brush  I don’t really use lip brushes, so this is being appropriated as an eyeshadow blending brush.  This is also great for traveling as the brush slides out to expose the brush and then you slide it back to protect the brush head.  I wish all brushes were like this, as I feel it does extend the life of your brushes.   The top part of the photo above shows the lip brush closed and below it, extended.  Value $6.00

image from




I’m Brush #03 Eyebrow Brush  Memebox has an eyebrow brush that you can use to apply your brow powder and wax.  However, just like the lip brush, I don’t really use brow powder/wax, so I am using this as an eyeliner brush ~ I wet the brush and then pick up eyeshadow, pressed or loose, and then apply that color as an eyeliner.   You can also use this with gel pot eyeliners as well.  Since this brush has a good sharp diagonal end to it, it is perfect for creating winged cat eyeliner look.  Value $9.00

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I’m Brush #02 Eyeshadow Brush   This was the brush that sparked my interest in the other Memebox brushes, as I had received this in my Tool Kits box.  This is a great brush for putting on lid color and I also use it to contour my eyeshadow as well.  The brush has a medium head and picks up product really well.  It is not as firm as my Mac 230 brush, but it applies shadow very nicely.  I wouldn’t use this for precision work, however ~ it is more for larger eyeshadow application.  Value $12.00

image from



I’m Brush #05 Powder Brush  This is one of my favorite brushes of the collection.  I use this to apply face powder and it really picks up my pressed powder nicely and deposits on my face very naturally and evenly.  I also do not experience powder fall out either with this brush.  This tapered brush is made of synthetic bristles and the brush is very soft, like bunny fur, and very dense.  The handle is securely set and there is no “wobble” between the handle, metal band and brush.  This brush also works with powdered bronzers and highlighters as well.   I think that if you use powder quite a bit, this brush should be in your collection.  Value   $25.00

image from



I’m Brush #04 Contour Brush I don’t really contour but the angled shape of this brush and it’s medium-firm bristles makes this brush perfect to apply blush.   I love these types of brushes for blushes and this is my other favorite of this set.  This white, slightly coarse (it isn’t as bunny soft as the powder brush) brush picks up my powder well and I can apply my blush without fear of overdoing the color.   Just like the Powder brush, there is no wobble or looseness between the handle, metal ring and bristles.  I am not sure, but I think this brush is made of wool, while all of the other brushes are made with synthetic fibers.  Don’t quote me, however.   Value $22.00

image from


All of the brushes came with a reusable plastic brush baggie, so you can store them in there if you want to.  I have my brushes out all the time and I wish that the baggies were a bit bigger.  I need to purchase a brush roll… I will disclose that the Memebox-Korea does say that these brushes are made in China, in case you are interested in that tidbit.    I paid $30.00 for the I’m Brush Pro Artist Set and received a value of $74.00 ~ this set is sold out now as it is very popular.   When I wanted to purchase it originally, it was sold out and I managed to get in on it just last week.   I am sure they will restock this value set soon, but in case you just wanted individual brushes, I have those linked in this review and they are still available at the time I wrote this blog post.   However, if you can wait for a restock, I highly recommend it as two of my favorite brushes, the powder and contour are worth $47.00.

Have you any of the Memebox XO brushes?  Which ones do you own and are you interested in any of the brushes in this blog post?  Let me know!


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2 thoughts on “Memebox I’m Brush Pro Artist Value Set Initial Impressions

  1. Oh, I love the videos. So clever! You really get to see the brush quality. Thank you. i missed this box but I hope it comes around again. I live that they are labeled. I am so knew to using brushes, so I need that level of instruction!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Memebox did a great job with the videos – I wish I could take credit, but they aren’t mine! Keep checking back on memebox for this set to come back in stock – they are really popular!


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