Unboxing May 2015 Herbal Bliss Co!

Herbal Bliss Co is a recent subscription service for me and I have been enjoying the boxes quite a bit!  It just seemed like I unboxed April’s!  That is because last months came late and we got a few extras, but now May is on time.  What is Herbal Bliss Co?

Herbal Bliss enjoys reaching out to the diverse herbal suppliers throughout the USA to bring you five unique samples each month. Our sample categories are Aromatherapy, Blissful Body, Culinary, Well Being and a Spotlight product. Each of our suppliers thoughtfully grows, harvest, and packages to bring you delightful experiences into your home. Herbal Bliss is thrilled to introduce you to a multi-faceted experience each month.

  • Passionate About Small Batches ~ Our suppliers are often growing their herbs, creating their recipes, and building their shop fronts on their family farm. You are receiving special, handcrafted gifts from nature without bias to one supplier over another.
  • Discover Herbs ~ Herbal products are one of the fastest growing consumer products. Why is that? People are wary of chemical, laboratory products that have who knows what effect on our body systems. We want to put natural products in our bodies and on our skin & hair. We want to read a label and not only be able to pronounce the ingredients, but know what they are
  • Education ~ Herbs can be intimidating. Herb shops are usually very helpful, but sometimes you may be afraid to ask questions because other customers seem so well informed. Most people know that you should not ingest herbs for ailments without speaking to your doctor first, but there are many other questions about the use of herbs. Herbs are from the earth and have uses beyond what you think of everyday and we are here to help introduce those uses and the makers of these gifts. We bring education for each category.  (source)

Herbal Bliss offers (per box) a month-to-month sub at $25.00, 3 month sub at $22.00, 6 month sub at $20.00 and a yearly sub at $18.00 per box.

Contents Revealed


Wimberley Organics Organic Mosquito Spray  It’s that time of yeeaaarrr…bugs…mosquitoes… and spray.  This is a great natural herbal alternative to DEET sprays and these ingredients have been used for centuries to repeal bugs.  These essential oils not only repeal bugs, but help heal any bug bites you might get if you forget to spray this on beforehand ~ it has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties designed to heal your wounds.  This also smells really nice ~ I love the scent of citronella and that is the main scent of this spray, but I can also smell the peppermint and cedarwood in the dry down (sounds like a perfume, doesn’t it?)   Don’t forget to shake this bottle well before spraying and don’t spray towards eyes.   This is safe to use for all ages.  Wimberley Organics also makes a cooling spray, from peppermint & chamomile, which sounds very interesting!  Deluxe Size 2 oz  Value $7.50

 Description: Time to let those pesky mosquitoes know they’re not welcome in your space! A careful blend of Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils combine to restore harmony to your personal outdoor activities by discouraging the participation of those eager mosquitoes.

Oils used in a base of ionized water:

  • Citronella (Cymbopogon nardus) – Insect deterrent. Traditionally used to prevent food spoilage due to bacteria and fungus.
  • Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosis) – Refreshing, rejuvenating, stimulating, balancing. Inspires and improves mental clarity, supports circulatory system
  • Melaleuca (Alternifolia) Tea Tree supports immune system. Beneficial to skin
  • Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) Insect deterrent, beneficial to skin
  • Myrtle (Myrtus communis) Lifts spirit, supports skin and hair
  • Peppermint (Mentha piperita) Supports liver, digestive and respiratory systems. Repels insects
  • Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Healing, antiseptic Qualities. Deters insects



Mockingbird Meadows Little Bee Calm Honey Spread  I love getting honey in my boxes!  This is a honey spread, which is infused with herbs and other good stuff ~ Mockingbird Meadows creates several different types of medicinal spreads that will target concerns like allergies, daily detox, nausea and so on.   They use honey instead of alcohol, glycerine or vinegar to create a tincture of herbs and honey.   This spread is their calming version, which contains raw honey, catnip, lemon balm, passion flower and California poppy.   When I first opened up this spread, there is a layer of greenish substance, which is all of the herbs ~ they weigh less than the raw honey, so they floated up to the top.   You do need to mix this honey, just like you would with organic nut butters that separate with the oil, and the color of this spread turns a greenish color ~ haha.   But it does taste WONDERFUL!!  This is raw honey, so it does have that grainy texture of raw honey and the herbs.    I immediately tasted the lemon in this and then the catnip mint.  I was wondering why my cats were hanging around me when I ate my toast with this honey spread on ~ they smelled the catnip!  I offered them a bit and they did eat it 😀    I love the Mockingbird Meadows store ~ they have both food, body and other products made from their honey bee farms and there is a coffee infused honey that I need purchase ASAP.    Deluxe Size .85 oz Value $2.13

Description:  A honey spread is our unique twist on an old medicine-way called an electuary. It is a combination of honey and herbs that delivers a healthy benefit while maintaining its identity as a food…. it’s food with a purpose!  Little Bee Calm Honey Spread is a blend of our raw honey, catnip (Nepeta cataria)*^, lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)*^, passion flower (Passiflora incarnata)*^ and california poppy (Eschscholzia californica)*^.   It is the perfect way to calm down your child in a natural way.  We’ve all experienced everyday meltdowns, but this formula is also intended for those children who have special difficulties with focus or emotional control. You might introduce your child to this honey blend and then leave it somewhere they can reach. Knowing it is available whenever they start to feel out of control can be a big help! By the teaspoonful, this blend can be used daily or as needed. It can be eaten right off a spoon or added to tea, stirred it into nut butter, spread it on toast… the possibilities are endless. Just don’t add it to anything that is actively heating or boiling.   Key:  *Certified Organic, ^Kosher

A word about our honey…. our honey is harvested once a year in an effort to capture a full bodied flavor. You will taste the brightness and sweetness of spring mellowed with the bitter, darkness of fall – all at once. We build all our infusions and spreads on this complex flavor profile. At Mockingbird Meadows, we focus on the health of our bees over our bottom line. We do not use any chemicals in our hives or our property. We save back a large portion of our harvest every year to ensure the bees are fed only their own honey rather than high fructose corn syrup or sugar water. We harvest completely by hand and disrupt the natural rhythm of the lives of our bees as little as possible. Our bees are happy and healthy and this leaves them free to fly farther and look harder for the most nutritive pollen and nectar for the raw (never, ever heated!) products we deliver to you.

You can see here that the texture and color is common for this honey spread

image from http://tagsecond.com/media/847433786384431727_533626773


Sacred Moon Herbs Summer Chill Tea   Ahh, this sounded so lovely until the rose petals!   This is a herbal tea best served iced and it contains hibiscus (LOVE),  rosehips (LOVE), orange peel (LOVE LOVE), spearmint (LOVE LOVE LOVE) and rose petals (allergic – boo!)  However, if you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients, I bet this is one tasty tea, as hibiscus and rosehips have that sour taste, combined with citrus and minty goodness.   This tea sounds very refreshing on a hot day and it is packed with Vitamin C!   This can also be used to make Popsicles 🙂   I do not know how much this is, or the weight – it looks to be an ounce of tea, which is standard size for handmade herbal mixes.   I did find the announcement of the tea on their FB page, so hopefully, they will have this up in their store soon ~ and maybe some other tea flavors too!  I will guesstimate that the value is around 5 dollars, as that is the going rate for teas of this nature.  I hope that their website is updated soon, so I can tell you how much this is and how you can purchase it.   1 oz?   Value $5.00?

image from Sacred Moon Herbs FB


Silver Botanicals Silver Shield Deodorant – Original & Sensitive Skin This is a very different product for me.  Normally, this  liquid deodorant is sold as a roll-on or a spray and it is supposed to provide long lasting odor protection, while fighting bacterial growth.  What is interesting about this is that is supposed to control moisture, which deodorants normally do not do ~ that is why I am antiperspirant girl.    I am going to find a mini sprayer and decant both of these into it, as it doesn’t matter to me about original or sensitive formula.     I will use it when I am not going to be really going out, as I want to test out the moisture claim.   This is made from all natural ingredients and is aluminum free, petro free and has no scent.  It is made with true colloidal nanosilver ~ “…true colloidal silver solutions are mixtures in which solid metallic particles of silver are “floating around” in a liquid solvent such as water. Silver Botanicals’ product are true colloidal silver solutions. Other products that claim to be colloidal silver that are made using simple electrical setups are actually ionic solutions. While both solutions have useful antimicrobial properties, we believe our products provide the superior form of antimicrobial silver with no negative side effects”  ~ along with pure essential oils.   This doesn’t have a scent that I can smell with it.  Sample Size .5 oz (?)  Value $1.90?

Description:  Silver Shield Deodorant is an extremely effective, all-day-long protection, underarm deodorant. It has even been shown to last multiple days when skipping showers.  Excellent Deodorizing Ability:  Silver Shield Deodorant is highly effective at eliminating underarm odor–knocking it out on contact. It keeps you odor free, even under high stress and physical exertion.  Non-toxic:  Silver Shield Deodorant was formulated from the very beginning with the goal of being non-toxic. It is made up of high quality, all-natural, food-grade ingredients. It is neither harmful to your body, or the environment.  Great Moisture Control:  Silver Shield provides a mild antiperspirant effect without blocking your sweat glands and pores. Silver Shield uses a special blend of essential oils to help reduce perspiration. It also lays down a satin-like matrix that absorbs moisture, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable.  


Essential Oils: At Silver Botanicals we use 100% pure, unadulterated essential oils. This means that nothing has been added and nothing has been taken away.  Our oils are mostly steam distilled, with a few oils that are absolutes, cold-pressed, or extracts.  Our oils are organic and/or wildcrafted whenever possible. Our oils are selected with respect to their native regions of the world which impart their respective theraputic value and potency.

True Colloidal Silver: At Silver Botanicals we use true colloidal silver.  We source our colloidal silver from a premium manufacturer whose end product is a refined nanosilver concentration suspended in distilled water.  Our silver particles contain, on average, around 30 atoms (~0.65 nanometers in diameter).  Our products contain between 10-30 ppm of nanosilver.  Both particle size and concentration (ppm) are ideal for our products’ intended use.


Well Scent Peppermint Essential Oil  I love peppermint ~ if you follow my blog at all, you know this already!  I have reviewed peppermint oils before and this is a great item to have on hand.   I love to use this in my diffuser to brighten and liven my living area, in my shower to wake me up in the morning, and I sniff it (no, I am not an addict – lol) to help with my sinuses which I need right now ~ allergy season has come in the NorthEast!  This helps clear out my nasal congestion, sinus pressure and really does help elevate my mood and helps soothe my allergy-caused headaches.  I will keep this on my bedside table, as lately, my allergy headaches really have been awful first thing in the morning.  I can sniff this and it will help relieve the sinus pressure and headache.  Full Size  5 mL  Value $10.00

Description:  Bright, clear and sparkling this is the peppermint (mentha piperita) oil of choice for therapeutic effects. The aroma absolutely sparkles! Softer and rounder aromatically than the Indian oil that preceded it, and without the candy-like sweetness of the Midwestern USA oil, organically grown for the purists who insist upon organic oils.

When to Use: Colds, flu, headaches, one of the most effective oils for the digestive system (relieving dyspepsia, nausea, distension and flatulence).

How to Use:  Limit to small areas or add to bath/shower/diffuser. Not be used in children under 30 months old.


Once again, I really liked the curation of Herbal Bliss monthly boxes ~ This month had a very yummy honey treat, a great bug spray, peppermint oil (yes!) along with a very interesting deodorant product and a tea that looks amazing, but since I am allergic to rose, this will make a nice gift for a friend of mine 🙂    This box is truly a herbal lovers box ~ I hope that Herbal Bliss gets more love, as Julie does put together a great box monthly and the products are ones that are pretty unique and fun to try!

I paid $22.00 for my box as I am on a 3 month-subscription and received a value of over $26.00.  This month had some really unique items and so I am pretty happy with these items.   This subscription is not for those who want a huge value out of their monthly payment, but in the case of this type of subscription, it is the quality and supporting small businesses is which means a lot to me.   Again, I would LOVE for Herbal Bliss to include promo codes and coupons from the vendors ~ I am really interested in 3 shops in this month’s box and that would entice me to purchase more!

Do you subscribe to Herbal Bliss?  Are you interested in this subscription and what products do you want to try out?

[ descriptions in italics from linked websites ]


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