Memebox Tools Box #handywoman Unboxing!

I have been waiting for a long time now for a box full of beauty tools.  With all of my makeup and skincare, I always seem to neglect getting tools.  Memebox came out with a Tool Box the other week, and I purchased it quickly.  It arrived the other day and I am really pleased with it!

I have a whole section in my blog,  devoted to Memebox, so if you want to know more, check out the Memebox category.

Tools Box #handywoman



Get ready for the ultimate tools box that every woman needs! We’ve included 8 different tools to help you look your best with minimal effort.  Share it. Tag it. Review it. #handywoman


Informational Card

There is one item missing from the card, which is a Memebox Eyebrush Value $12.00


Missha Dual Cuticle Pusher   I’ve been needing a new one, as I have no idea where my old cuticle pusher is!  Made of stainless steel, 9 inches in length, this is a very heavy weight cuticle pusher and it has two ends ~ one with a rounded side (9*30mm), which is an all-purpose cuticle remover and the straight flat edge (6*15mm), which gently removes the cuticles that are right on the edge of your nails.  You need to soak your nails first in warm water, to soften up your cuticles, apply some cuticle oil on your fingers and then gently apply the appropriate end to push back your cuticles.  Use a cuticle cutter to trim off the excess.  Value $7.00


Missha Folding Eyebrow Brush There are two of these in the pack.  I guess these will help to rid of unwanted hair around your eyebrows, but I think I will use these to remove the “peach fuzz” around my lip area instead.  If you use these for the intended use, you would trim and shape your brows with this razor while moving it in an up and down motion.  Value $3.00




Missha Fresh Colorful Makeup Sponges (25 pieces)  This is a nice assortment of makeup sponges of different sizes which are helpful for blending out liquid bronzers, cream blushes, and foundations.   This is a huge bag and it was actually not packed inside the Memebox, but outside, as it wouldn’t fit!  Value $5.00

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Missha House Latex Puff  (6 pieces) This peach colored latex puff is in a diamond shape that makes it perfect for applying base makeup, as the tips of the wedge makes it easier to get into folds around your nose or having to do precision work around your eyes and mouth.   Value $3.00 



Missha Mask Brush  I’ve been needing to purchase one, as even though I use my fingers (gasp) for clay masks, my honey type masks are easier to apply with a mask brush.  It makes it easy to avoid dumping part of my mask into my hair or eyebrows, and it allows a nice even coverage.   Value $2.00 

Missha Mini Lip Brush (2 pieces)  I would have rather had a full size, retractable lip brush, as these mini’s won’t really get a lot of use.   I will lose these in a nano-second in my cosmetic bag! Lip brushes help get a good defined lip and I am doomed to have undefined, lipstick on my teeth kinda lips…haha Not really, but I guess I don’t think too much about it when I apply my lipstick on a daily basis.  I guess these are good for when I have a special occasion and I need that precision look.   These are made of high quality artificial wool and before using, you have to shake off any loose “wool” off the brush, otherwise you will get brush hairs on your lips. Value $2.00

Missha Professional Eyelash Curler  I received the best ever eyelash curler in my Joeur Spring box, so I will just tuck this away until that one wears out.   This is a steel curler that is 24K gold plated with rubber padded handles.  The C-Curl line with rounded, thick silicone pads will help create curled eyelashes.   This comes with 2 replacement pads.  Value $7.00

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Club Clio Eyebrow Kit This kit includes a full sized Tinted Kill Brow Tattoo Pen, that has a brow tattoo marker on one end and the brow mascara on the other.  It also includes a mini brow tool kit, including a razor, tweezers, scissors and a spoolie brush, to help groom your brows.    This kit used to sell at Club Clio’s site as a special (they only had 500 of them) for $25.00, but Memebox explained to me in an email that Club Clio does value this full kit at $50.00, hence the $50.00 value.    The Tinted Kill Brow Tattoo Pen is retailed at $22.00 and I received the #1 Earth Brown shade, which is a natural brown shade that is supposed to work best for those with brown hair.   There are two other shades, #2 Soft Brown, which is for light colored hair  and #3 Dark Brown, for darker shades of hair.  

This kit is great ~ not only for travel, but for everyday use! 

The Tattoo Pen ~ one side has a felt marker, which is used to fill in and define your brows and the other side is a colored brow tint using a mascara wand to groom them into place.

I found the color to be a baby poop shade of brown!  haha  I haven’t tried it yet on my brows, but I bet this shade will blend in with most medium brown hairs.

  1. The marker tint
  2. The brush tint



I’m Eyeshadow Brush This item is not included in the MemeCard and it seems it was added at the last minute.  This is a great brush and I’ve already used it.  It has a nice rounded edge and it is a firmer brush, so I can contour with it easily.   It has a good weight to it and is a matte black with white lettering.   The brush came in a resealable plastic bag, for ease of storage.   I think I will have to look at getting some more brushes by Memebox! Value $12.00 


I really love my Tools Box!  I will get a lot of use out of the majority of the products and I think this was a good deal for me.   I wish they had included more Memebox brushes, such as their I’m Brush Pro Kit or the Kyungsun Bad Girl Eye Brush Set, but I guess I will have to break down and purchase those myself!

I have read some complaints about the value ~ here is my take….  Many of these products can be found on eBay at the retail price or higher.   You can also find them cheaper at testerkorea or roseroseshop, but then you have to contend with their shipping, which I feel those two online shops are very high in shipping costs.  I have purchased from them and will continue to do so, but I usually use them for rare items that I cannot find elsewhere.  I think that the retail value listed for this box is pretty spot on ~ even if you find it cheaper at RRS – add in the shipping and I bet that will be the same or higher than the value listed here.  With Memebox and subscription boxes, the value is the retail value, not where you can find it cheaper.  It took me a while to understand that, as I used to get so frustrated with finding products cheaper elsewhere.   The only exception is the Clio Eyebrow Kit, but when I asked Memebox about the $50.00 price, they told me that is what Club Clio had “valued” that kit, not that they would sell it at that price.  Apples and Oranges, I guess.

I paid $35.00 which included shipping and handling and I used a coupon for this, so I did get it for under $30.00.   I received a MemeValue of $91.00.  You can still purchase this box here and try some of the coupons below if you haven’t use them! 

Did you purchase the Tools Box?  What was your favorite item? Let me know in the comments below!


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7 thoughts on “Memebox Tools Box #handywoman Unboxing!

  1. Am I the only one who finds the term “eyebrow knife” funny? Anyway, I think this is box is pretty spot on in terms of value vs. price. It would be a good starter kit for someone who doesn’t have a lot of beauty tools. I saw some complaints about this box, but I’m not really sure what people were expecting… this is exactly the sort of stuff I would anticipate being in a tools box.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree! I wouldn’t use that eyebrow knife near my eyebrows (I remember in HS “shaving” my eyebrows – oh my gawd!!) but peach fuzz removal is good use for it. I needed several of these things they had in here, so I am glad to have this box.


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