Unboxing May 2015 GlobeIn Artisan Box + Promo Code!

 GlobeIn is one of my favorite subscription boxes as I do not have anything else like it. What is GlobeIn Aristan Box?

The GlobeIn Artisan Box is a monthly subscription box featuring our favorite products from global artisans. Each box is curated around a monthly theme selected by our editor with the aim of helping you experience new and interesting products and cultures.  It’s our passion to discover extraordinary finds from all over the globe and share them with you. Our marketplace features thousands of handmade and Fair Trade products sourced from direct relationships with artisans as well as vetted partner organizations. From Mexican palm leaf woven baskets to Moroccan sequined handbags to hand-sewn Indian quilts, each item is unique and has a story worth sharing.    GlobeIn is dedicated to supporting artisans from all walks of life with an emphasis on artisans in the developing world where, after agriculture, artisan goods are the second largest source of employment. GlobeIn is dedicated to reducing poverty by giving these artisans, and subsequently their communities, a global audience. Each month, we select one exceptional artisan or artisan collective and ask our community to help crowd-fund a special project

They have 3 subscription types, all which feature free shipping and as low as $30.00 a month.  I have a special promo code at the end of this blog post.

  • Monthly $35/month
  • Three Month $33/month ($99)
  • Six Month $30/month ($180)

Now onto my box!  This month’s theme is Bake

image from https://www.facebook.com/GlobeIN

The “Bake” Artisan Box will give you the ingredients to make your life that much sweeter

My Bake Box Revealed!

Informational Card


Toockies 100% organic scrub clothes   (India)  These are not going to replace your cloth or sponges, but your plastic and metal scrubbers!!  Each package has the name of the knitter 🙂 and before you use them, wash them first.  I’ve embedded the informational video below to tell you how to use your Toockies.  There is a whole series on Toockies uses on Youtube and you can watch them here.   You get one cotton, which scrubs best when wet and one jute, which scrubs best when dry.   These will last for up to 5 years!  These are 100% organic cotton and 100% organic Jute and made in India. Value $12.00 (Toockies has these listed for $9.99)

Description:  Set of 2 Toockies® Brand multi-purpose scrub cloths that are hand knit out of certified 100% organic cotton and organic Jute.  They are ribbed for deep scrubbing without scratching any surface be it smooth, soft or textured with amazing scrubbing results.  The jute cloth is more abrasive providing extra scrubbing power.  The knit pattern is perfect for scrubbing stainless steel appliances and glass stove tops, counter tops, dishes…  Certified 100% Organic Cotton and Organic Jute and Hand Knit. Vintage Dish Cloth Patten with a punch!  Much stronger and denser than regular cotton. Deep Scrub without scratching counters, leather, stainless steal, textured walls and exfoliate skin Not intended to be absorbent. Bleach as needed. Wash with any color or temperature, no folding, just stretch slight shrink and curled ends, stack and reuse. Biodegradable. Natural Cotton Color.  No chemical dyes and not chemical fibers. Fair Trade Members- products benefit those who make, sell, buy, use, and gift them. Signed by artisan Easy to use they work best damp…just place under running water. roll like a carpet, double over, twist hard and strain. They out perform and out last other scrubbers because they can out last for years of frequent use. MORE HYGIENIC than sponges and plastic scrunchies because they machine wash/dry after use to refresh.  They will work hard for you!  For the practical person they save time & money while doing the job in your home, socially and environmentally.

Artisans: Toockies are hand knitted by the women of Nababpur, a small Shanti village in India. In this village, the men make less than two dollars every day and often squander their earnings on alcohol or gambling. Most of the women are expected to stay at home and tend to their children; the handful who work as domestic help in the nearby town earn less than one dollar a day. The Toockies’ artisans make double the minimum wage for India and now earn more than their husbands. This valuable economic contribution to their families has resulted in a reduction of domestic violence. Already, 270 women have been trained and 400 are currently on the wait list to join the project.



Just Good Chocolate Better World Brownie Mix  (USA/Peru) Yum, brownies!  Now, I just have to find time to bake them!  I am going to use the coconut oil that I received in this box to make them.  These are a fair trade dark chocolate organic brownie mix and for every bag you purchase, 25 cents goes to ON THE GROUND.  ON THE GROUND supports sustainable community fair trade development in farming regions all across the globe.  Just Good Brownie Mix is made in Northern Michigan, USA and the chocolate is sourced from Peru.  Full Size 12 oz  Value $13.00  (although Just Good has these for $6.75)

Ingredients: Organic Evaporated Cane Juice*, Organic Wheat Flour, Organic Cocoa Powder*(Processed with Alkali), Sea Salt, Aluminum-Free Baking Powder  *Fair Trade Certified. Allergen Statement: Contains Wheat.

image from http://justgoodchocolate.com/organic%20dark%20chocolate%20brownie%20mix


Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  (Sri Lanka) Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is certified “Fair For Life” by the IMO Fair Trade Program, which helps improve the economic conditions in developing countries by social accountability and fair trade.  This product is also  approved by The Vegetarian Society.  Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is cold pressed from fresh coconut meat (copra) and is only harvested from organically cultivated coconut palms, on Fair Trade farms in Sri Lanka.  You can use coconut oil in cooking, baking, sauteing, DIY beauty & healthcare products and also to improve your pet’s health ~ just add  1/2 teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight and increase gradually to 1 tsp per 10 lbs daily.  This will improve your pet’s breath, skin itching and increase pet’s energy level, while supporting a healthy metabolism.  You can also apply the oil topically for cuts, wounds, infected ears, bites, stings and fungal infections.  For recipes, check out their cooking blog  and you can use the promo code PETS at their website to get 10% off your order.  3 packets .5 oz each Value $4.00

Description: With each and every jar, we strive to deliver the freshest, highest quality coconut oil and ensure the fair and ethical treatment of the farmers who cultivate it. As one of the first Fair Trade coconut oil food products on the market, our products are 100% organic, vegetarian and free of trans fats. Plus, we incorporate eco-friendly practices to protect and preserve the planet’s natural resources.  Use extra virgin coconut oil as a 1 to 1 replacement for butter and oils in cooking and baking. For best results, do not refrigerate.  

image from http://www.kelapo.com/store/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=28




Alter Eco Mascobado Cane Sugar (Philippines)   This is an unrefined sugar from Islang Asukal, which is an island in the Philippines.  Alter Eco works with farmers in co-op’s to establish fair trade and empower local farmers.  This sugar is refined in the traditional method, not modern processes, which allows the nutrients to remain in the sugar as well as the rich caramel and vanilla flavors.  I rarely use sugar daily, but on the rare occasion that I do use it in cooking/baking, I will try this sugar out.   The Alter Eco site has some interesting recipes using this sugar and I probably will try my hand at the scones! Full Size 1 lb Value $10.50 (although Alter Eco has it for $4.39)

Description: In today’s culinary world of rare spices and specialty salts, Alter Eco Organic Mascobado Cane Sugar offers an exceptional kind of sweetness. This traditional unrefined sugar retains the essence of the Islang Asukal it came from, with rich flavors that range from delicate caramel and vanilla to malty molasses and marshmallow. And because its untouched by modern refining processes, each grain possesses all the nutrients of the Philippines’ raw native sugar cane. 

image from http://www.alterecofoods.com/product/mascobado-cane-sugar/

Recipe from Alter Eco Foods 


Big Dipper Waxworks Birthday Candles  (Canada) These hand poured candles are made from 100% beeswax, which is a natural and renewable resource.  Beeswax cleans the air by releasing purifying negative ions and Big Dipper Waxworks is committed to sustainable beekeeping.   These are beautiful candles in a variety of lovely colors:  cranberry red, pumpkin, moss green and teal.  Very earthy colors and I like them a lot.  On the subject of bees,  did you read the recent article about how honey bees are on the decline?  Their population dropped 42% in 2014.  This is a major concern, as bees are one of the backbones for food and cultivation.  They pollinate over 80% of our flowering crops, which is about 1/3 of what we consume in this country.  Without bees to pollinate,  we will lose crops like broccoli, watermelons, cucumbers, cherries, applies, pumpkins and blueberries, just to name a few.  Plus, they effect the growth of all plants, so our global environment will look different ~ just imagine not seeing beautiful gardens and trees.  Much of the decline is due to pesticides and we need to start growing food without such dangerous chemicals ~ Europe is banning neonicotinoids, which is linked to the decline of bees and the USA EPA is no longer accepting new uses for this chemical.  However, they need to go a step further and ban neonicotinoid.  Sorry that I got on my soap box here, but the decline of bees is worrisome and I just don’t think this gets the attention it deserves.  Without bees, our food crops are going to be cut drastically and we will lose so much beauty from this very little insect, whom we owe so much to.    1 dozen candles Value  $8.00 (Big Dipper has these selling for $5.00)


Palm Leaf Basket  (Mexico)  This seems to be a mainstay in each box, which is a bit of a disappointment, as it is included in the worth of the box.    They are very nice, but subscription boxes are designed to have never tried, unique products.   This is a traditional basket made in Mexico by indigenous Oaxacan artisans and is known as a tenate basket.   It made with discarded palm leaves and painted with natural, water borne paints and can take up to 6 hours to weave.  This month my basket is a red herringbone against a cream background, which is the exact same pattern I received in my first month (only that month was purple).    Value $12.00 but since it is not unique item anymore, I will not be including the price in the subscription value.

Description: Profiria and Margarita are living national treasures. As the matriarchal members of Oaxaca’s petate basket-weaving community, they grew-up in the days when basket-weaving was an essential skill for creating utilitarian housewares like bedrolls. In fact, petate, the intricate and ancient weaving pattern they practice is derived from the word “bedroll” in their native Nahuatl language.   Margarita is the eldest master. And her eyesight is failing, but her imminent blindness has not slowed down her competent hands, which Margarita says, stoically, “know the way.” Thousands of years of ancestral knowledge lie embedded her gaunt fingers. Encroaching arthritis also threatens to put the final damper on her practice. But for now, Margarita’s slender hands move swiftly. When she is no longer able to weave, Margarita prays Profiria and the younger members of Oaxaca’s basket weaving community will be able to carry-on the tradition of petate weaving.


This is a great box for those who love to bake ~ alas, with my busy schedule, I rarely have the time.   I will use all of the products, but I do wish they would have included foodie treats for us lazy non-bakers!  haha.  I am confused by the values on some of their items in comparison to the price on the actual website ~ it was much lower, but I guess I should take in account shipping costs as well, but it is strange to see that.  No other subscription box does that and it should be the retail value, not value + shipping costs.  Weird.  My favorite items in this month’s box are the scrub clothes, as I can use those right away!    I keep stating this in my reviews, but I do feel that they need to stop including the basket as part of the amount of the box, as if that is included in every box, it is no longer a treat and not unique.  A subscription box should be offering new and unique items every month and having it be included in the subscription box value is not fair to long term subscribers, imho.

If you want to learn more about the items, the artists and their plans to protecting our fair mother earth, you can read it here.     I paid $29.66, which includes shipping, for my box, as I am on a 3 month subscription plan and received a value of $30.13 to $47.50 as I am no longer going to include the basket in the value of the box.  However, I do not feel that GlobeIn should be including their costs for free shipping on the item.  I am not happy about this development, as I feel that they are over-valuing items because the box value is lower than what people paid for it (if they go by the month-to-month).  This  new development has me rethinking this subscription now, as I am not a fan of companies that do this.  I still have two more months on this subscription and I hope this is the only time they do this type of price-jacking.  I do love what they have to offer and they shouldn’t have to resort to this type of tactic.

Do you subscribe to GlobeIn Artisan Box?  What was your favorite item this month?

Promo Code:  25% off your first box with a 3 or 6 month subscription! Just enter JUSTGOOD at checkout. 


[ all descriptions in italics from globein.com and linked product sites.  May contain affiliate links ]


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  1. My box has not arrived yet. I enjoy reading your review and the amount of detail you put into it. I will be watcing the videos later to see how to use the tookies properly.

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