The Ultimate Detangling Brush by SH&SH Review

I recently received SH&SH The Ultimate Detangling Brush from Tomoson for my honest and unbiased review. 


I have very fine, very straight hair that tangles easily and gets into knots and this brush is designed to detangle your hair in seconds.   SH&SH Detangling brush is made of soft matte rubber, so that it is not hard the hands if you are using this brush to style while blow drying and you can maintain a good grip, even if your hands are wet.  It can be used on both wet and dry hair and for all hair types.  

The brush measures 7 x 2 x 15 cm (approximately 2.75 x 1 x 6 inches), which makes this the perfect travel companion ~ it is small and lightweight enough to tuck in a purse or backpack.  It also makes for a great child’s hair brush too, with its bright fun colors ~ the end of the brush is a bright neon pink, followed by a matte black, ending in a bright multi-colored wavy bristles in shades of neon pink, lime green, aqua, yellow, lavender and pale orange


The bristles are inserted in a soft rubber dome that “gives” when you push down on them, making this brush flexible as you brush your hair.  On the reverse side, there is a round mirror, which is very handy when you are traveling.   You just flip the brush around and you can put on your makeup!   This brush isn’t just about looks,  however.   The wavy bristles help massage your scalp as well, which increases circulation, and can help with hair growth.

I’ve been using this brush for several days now and it does detangle my hair quite nicely without pulling or tugging.  The “give” in the bristles bed seems to help with not pulling a lot of my hair out and it is not painful to brush my hair while wet.   For styling, it is another matter ~ I like a brush that my hairdryer can blow thru and since this has a closed back, it does not allow that type of ventilation.  That said, it works really well when I am trying to add volume to the top and back as it picks up and holds the hair in place as I style/dry it.



I think this is a cute and effective hairbrush, perfect for traveling and for children ~ for everyday use, it is a bit too small for me.  I thought that this brush would be bigger, but I always am in need of travel brushes, so I have a really nice one now.   I really love the design and if they come out with a larger size that has ventilation in the back instead of the mirror, I would be very interested in purchasing that. 

If you are interested in this hair brush, SH&SH The Detangling Brush can be purchased at for $13.79.  SH&SH offers a money back guarantee on this product as well.

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One thought on “The Ultimate Detangling Brush by SH&SH Review

  1. I love this brush – found one at our local Big Lots! store and figured I’d give it try [previous purchases of detangling brushes were less than impressive]. This one works a treat and doesn’t unduly stress the hair or scalp. Went back and purchased a couple more just in case.

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