Unboxing Loot Crate April 2015!

Oh boy!  I do have other interests besides skincare and makeup, you know! I am a total sci-fi/sci-fantasy geek, going back to my years of watching old TV shows as a child, like the original Star Trek, Lost In Space and H.R. Pufnstuf (Witchy-poo!) and then onto Star Wars, reading books about King Arthur, the Dragonriders of Pern, Mythago Wood,  The Mists of Avalon and so on.  One of my favorite comedies is The Princess Bride and I love all of the catch phrases from that film.  Now, I am thrilled to watch Game of Thrones, and wish that I had an Iron Throne to sit on at my job!  haha  Not to mention The Vikings, Once Upon a Time and I could just go on and on…

So, when I heard that Loot Crate was doing a Fantasy theme for their April box, and it was going to feature Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, I was IN.  Seriously.

It just warms my heart that the geeks of the world have taken over!!   Yeah!  And I wear the term geek proudly and if you love this sci-fi/sci-fantasy, you should too 🙂  I never received anything from Loot Crate, so I had not idea what I was getting here.

First off, the box it comes in is reversible and being the geek that I am, that was the first thing I did ~ I turned it inside out and even took pictures of the top and bottom of the box

A map, sword, coins and a sigil….

And my April Loot Crate Revealed!

This came with a Loot Crate Magazine, which explained the theme of the box, plus some info on other topic, like D&D, fantastic shows to watch, featured “looter” pics, contest winners ~ it really is a little magazine ~ as well as what all of this loot was.

“Swords and sorcery, myths and magic, dragons and …things that aren’t dragons.  This month, it’s all about FANTASY!  ….With this month’s crate, you can travel to magical new realms, gamble your way inconceivable victories, level up your paladin in style, be the envy of dungeon masters everywhere, get ready for winter to come [ to your fridge] and of course, give the crownless another shot at being king [or queen]!

Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt [Wizards of the Coast/Loot Crate Labs ] This is a great T-shirt ~ bright red with a great dragon logo.  I wish I had put down a man’s t-shirt instead of a woman’s as the woman’s shirt has cap sleeves because I do not like cap sleeves ~ I will wear it, however 🙂  This is an exclusive design to Loot Crate, so I don’t know how much this is valued ~ when I looked at Wizards of the Coast and followed the trail to a shop, other D&D tees retail around $25.00

“The next time you suit up for a round of gameplay or your won earthly adventures, make sure you are wearing this.  Sporting a new D&D logo, this officially licensed, cotton fashion tee is sure to earn you a few extra experience points in the style area”

Inflatable Crown [Loot Crate Labs]  HAHA I will have to add this to my ever growing collection of nerd toys at my job (I have the Starbug from Red Dwarf, Obi Wan riding Boga, the original Godzilla, Serenity poster, and other goodies.  This is Joffery’s crown and I do need that Iron Throne now to feel complete.   I found one that looks just like this one, and it is valued at $4.99

“Who hasn’t fantazied about being king or queen for a day? Which would you be: benevolent monarch or evil ruler?  Perhaps a dash of Joffery with a pinch of Maleficent?  We’ll let you decide.  Just a couple of puffs to inflate and you’ll be ready to rule your kingdom

The Princess Bride playing cards [Albino Dragon]  I love this deck of cards ~ the Joker, Knight, King and Queen cards all have the principal characters with their famous quotes from the movie.  Albino Dragon has a great catch phrase too ~ Playing Cards for Geeks!   That site has some cool items, such as a geek chic box, which  holds your cards, AND OMG…Call of Cthulhu stuff.  I AM A HUGE H P LOVECRAFT fan.   Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn  They also have more Princess Bride items there too.  Value $14.99

Exclusive RPG Bow Tie [Spotted & Tied ] Okay.  I don’t wear a bow tie.  It is really nice with golden dragons and crystals against a red satin background.  I am sure I can find someone who would wear this!  This is by BlackTieGeek.  I am not sure of the retail value here ~ maybe $9.00?

“You’ll stand out from the crowd when you don this colorful accessory boasting iconic images from our favorite role playing games.  Go from rogue to vogue in no time”

Loot Crate April 2015 Fantasy pin ~ I take it that these pins come in every Loot Crate.  I really like it!

Harry Potter Luggage Tag [BIOWORLD]  OH YESH.  I love this ~ Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross.  I got into Harry Potter when I read it when I babysat, and I would do the voices of the characters (this was pre-movie).  I scared the crap out of the girls when I did Snape!   This is great and I am putting this on my laptop bag.   Value $12.99

“Whether jumping on a plane or trying to catch the next express to Hogwarts, all you wizards and witches can safeguard your suitcase and backpacks with this sturdy rubber tag embellished with the number of the secret platform at King’s Cross Station.  You’ll have mere Muggles eager to copy your trendsetting style.”

Exclusive Game of Thrones USB Flash Drive [CustomUSB]  Winter IS coming (I miss Ned Stark…) This is great ~ a flash drive encased in a textured, light grey direwolf.  Perfection!   4 GB isn’t that much, but hey, I am more into the design element here.   This is probably about $10.00

“Whaaaat?  A grey direwolf House Stark USB that you can only find in Loot Crate?  No, you’re not dreaming.  This awesome keepsake holds 4GB of memory, plus it looks great on your desk too”

And finally, to round off the Game of Thrones theme…

Game of Thrones Magnet Set [Dark Horse]  Big big fan of Dark Horse.  This is a great set of magnets, featuring the sigil and quotes of the 4 major houses:  Stark, Lannister, Targaryen and Baratheon.  Very nice!    Value $12.50

“Where does your loyalty lie?  Whichever house you favor, show off your pride with this set of four sigil magnets, featuring the feuding clans of mythical Westeros.  Perfect for lockers and refrigerators”


I am really happy with my April Loot Crate!  It certainly brought a smile to my face and I am pleased with the items here.   I paid $13.95 + $6.00 shipping, but I had a $3.00 coupon, so the total was $16.95.   I think I made out pretty good here ~ as this box is well over $75.00 in value!    I am now subscribing to their newsletter, so if there is another theme that catches my fancy, I will be purchasing it.   Did you get April’s Fantasy Box?  What did you think of it?



5 thoughts on “Unboxing Loot Crate April 2015!

  1. I’ve bought boxes in the past for my son. He’s not into fantasy so we passed on this one. I enjoyed reading your review and the amount of detail that you put into it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nerd Block (from Canada) also does some fun boxes and has several themes like arcade, horror and a new comic one as well as 2 for the kids (my daughter gets the girl one).

    Power up is a new one but looks ok – doesn’t ship international tho

    There’s also Zbox from Zavvi but not sure if they ship international either at the moment..

    Nerds of the world rejoice – our time has come!!

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