Easter Eggs at Memebox

I posted the link for the Easter Eggs at Memebox yesterday, using the search function, but Memebox decided to remove that search criteria, so it doesn’t work anymore

So, here are the Easter Eggs – individually linked!  These eggs contain up to a 50% more value than what you paid for it ~ so if you purchase a $5.00 egg, the contents would be worth up to $10.00.  What is in them?  I do not know!  But some of the eggs have already sold out, such as the yellow flower-red egg and the golden egg.

Green Dotted Egg $5.00

Yellow Polka Dot Egg  $7.00

Horizontal Striped Egg $6.00

Pink Polka Dot Egg $5.00



Have fun and which egg did you purchase?

[ images from us.memebox.com ]

[ this blog post contains affiliate links ]


2 thoughts on “Easter Eggs at Memebox

  1. I fell for the egg hunt and wish I hadn’t bought 3 eggs. I got 2 samples one one black sugar honey mask and a dab of BB cream, hand cleanser, a full size but a duplicate, and a lip tint. What a waste of money.


    1. that was everything for the 3 eggs? I am really disappointed! I ordered 4 eggs – one which is a golden egg. I haven’t gotten mine yet, yeah, that is kinda crappy – a $5.00 egg is supposed to be worth more than $5.00 – samples are just sad to include in these eggs. Should have been a full sized product – I would have been happy with facial sheet masks!


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