Follow Me! Shameless plug for my Social Media

I’ve been ill the last few weeks, and since I can’t barely think, I’ve been revamping some of my Social Media connections and adding them here in the side bar.    Now, I have to think WHY you should follow me on other connections, as you already follow me here, right?  Why bother?   Let me tell ya why…


Follow on Bloglovin

Bloglovin’ is a very popular way to organize and follow your favorite blogs, regardless of the host (wordpress, blogger, self-hosted) and it has an app too.   This is just one way to not only follow me, but also all of your other favorite bloggers.  You will see excerpts from latest blog posts in your feed and you just need to click on the excerpt to read more.  This shows everyone you follow, not just me.

Following me on Facebook will keep you up to date with my latest blog posts as every post I make here on my blog, does appear there.   So why follow me on FB?  Because I also do other FB activity, such as sharing youtube, sneak peaks and deals, as well as post little blurbs that doesn’t really fit in a blog setting ~ like my question right now on Banila’s Miss Flower & Mr Honey, which is still unanswered 😦


Following me on Twitter is similar to Facebook, as every blog post here will appear there as a link.  I also use Twitter to remind my followers of time sensitive things, like a contest ending or get this deal by midnight.     I also use Twitter for upcoming releases, which you will not get on FB or bloglovin’ if I am just updating an existing blog post.

Instagram ~ this is one area where I really want to focus my energies at.  I don’t type that well on a phone, BUT Instagram is an outlet where I plan to post photos of my hauls, my first photo of an unboxing prior to the review and anything else that I think might be interesting.   It will be different from my blog and I hope you will all join me there

Pinterest ~ I have tons of boards (or it seems to me that I do!) and it varies from my blog ~ I will update it with blog posts in certain boards, but I also create boards that are of interest to me

Tumblr, receives my blog post excerpts as well and I use it in the same manner as Twitter with updates to existing blog posts ~ example is my monthly Memebox New Arrivals.  I do not create a new Memebox New Arrival blog post, but update an existing one ~ Tumblr will get that update, but FB will not.


Google+, like Tumblr, also receives my blog post excerpts and it is another platform for Google Users to easily see my postings.


I get such nice complements from my readers about my blog, who say how informative it is and helpful, and I want to improve my blog and expand what I write about.   I would love to generate more interest in my blog and hopefully, my readers will also give me feedback about how I can better promote my blog and Social Media connections as well!   I am truly grateful for my readers, their comments and support over this past year and half.   Unlike other big time bloggers, I will follow you back too, just ask!  Sometimes you don’t have to ask, as I will naturally follow back!


Featured Image Photo from “Follow Me“, a personal project of Russian photographer Murad Osmann


2 thoughts on “Follow Me! Shameless plug for my Social Media

  1. Already follow .. well, on the ones that I am on. I still haven’t got the hang of some of the others! I think giveaways are the main reason I follow most people on various media (just because I normally wouldn’t think about all the different types!). I’m thinking of doing one myself at some point but I don’t think I have enough followers even for that yet, lol

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    1. You will get followers if you do a giveaway! Build it and they will come 🙂 It is difficult – I am really trying to get instagram going as it seems to be a very popular venue. But I have fumble fingers with my phone, so it is for quick things ~ I’m in awe of those who write so much in instagram!!

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