Unboxing ABCDEat Taste of Thai

For now, this is my last unboxing from ABCDEat, as they aren’t shipping new boxes right now ~ I hope they open soon!  I have purchased several of these boxes from ABCDEat  and have reviewed them here.   What is ABCDEats?  A fellow beauty blogger has branched out and created her own subscription box, which is an Asian Snack/Food box.  Genie and her partner call it ABCDEat and currently,  you have to order each item separately as they do not have a normal subscription automatic fee.   At this time, they are not taking new orders.  

This unboxing is for A Taste of Thai ~ I do love Thai food!

image from https://www.facebook.com/ABCDEat

What is Thailand famous for? Apart from the sunbathing and shopping, Thailand is also famous for their local street snacks. From durians, coconut, dried seafood, and their Tom Yum Koong soup – you name it! Try out our Taste of Thai Box now to try out all the crazy and wacky flavours of Thailand!! You’ll surely fall in love!!!

Informational Card


Taste of Thai Revealed!

Top Row:  Tae Kae Noi Big Roll Grilled Seaweed Roll, Corn Puff Corn Chips, Siamese Rice Cracker with Pork Floss
Bottom Row: Flying Deer Brand Satay Fish Skewer, Glico Pretz in Tom Yum Kung flavor, Mit Mai Durian Flavoured Soft Chewy Candy


Tae Kae Noi Big Roll Grilled Seaweed Roll ~ These are crispy seaweed rolls that taste like Tom Yum Goong soup ~ so they should be a nice sweet-sour taste with chili.  I am looking forward to trying these out.

Corn Puff Corn Chips (Cheese Flavour) ~ I have discovered that cheese puffs, crisps or chips are not salty like they are here in the States.  All of the cheese flavored chips I have received have had a sweet taste to them.  It is very unusual and certainly a change from Cheetos Cheese Puffs or Cheez-It’s.  

Siamese Rice Cracker with Pork Floss ~ “floss” is any meat/fish that has been finely shredded and seasoned, usually with soy sauce and sugar, and these rice crackers have pork floss in them.  These remind me pork rinds ~ both in texture and taste, only sweeter.   These are pretty tasty!

Flying Deer Brand Satay Fish Skewer ~ Ahhhhhahahahahaha.   When I saw this in my box, my surprise-o-meter was off the charts!  I never expected fish skewers in my snack box and SO MANY OF THEM!!  These are dried fish satay, very common as street snacks.  They are supposed to be mildly spicy and I am still unsure how to eat them.  Should I eat them as is?  Or perhaps steam some rice and put a few of these in my rice cooker to heat up along with the rice?   Help!

Glico Pretz in Tom Yum Kung flavor  ~ These were not listed in the info card, but these are very thin  breadsticks with the taste of Tom Yum Kung soup, a sweet and sour dish in Thailand.  These are really good, I liked the chili bite, along with the sour lime taste and were eaten quickly.

Mit Mai Durian Flavoured Soft Chewy Candy ~ Durian is a fruit that is very stinky ~ I know, because I actually had one a few years ago 🙂  This fruit is even banned in certain Asian countries on public transport and hotels!!

“Singapore MRT Fines”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons  (source)

I did like the actual fruit and found the taste to my liking, even though the texture was like a mushy banana.  These little candies have the taste of a Durian fruit without the odor, so I am pretty happy about that!


I am telling you, those fish were a total shock to me!  I laughed at that and my cats are keenly interested in them ~ ahahaha.   I will try one to see if I like it or not ~ it cannot be said that I won’t try anything at least once!    All of the items in my box were fresh, not expired and ABCDEat’s clearly marked in the informational card where they were made.  I paid $21.99 for my box, which includes shipping and handling.

Check out ABCDEat at  https://www.facebook.com/ABCDEat.    All of the products from ABCDEat are made from companies that are reputable in Asian countries.


[ descriptions in italics from https://www.facebook.com/ABCDEat ]


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