Juntenshi Spider Pack Lifting Powder & Activator Kit Initial Impressions

I love masks, whether they are facial sheet masks, hydrating yogurt masks, charcoal masks, clay masks, bubbling masks, eye masks, whatever, you name it, I will love a mask.   Memebox offered these masks a few weeks ago on their site, the Juntenshi Spider Pack Lifting Powder & Activator Kit and it was on sale for $28.00 plus free shipping.  Alas, they no longer carry it, but at the end of this blog post, I have found it on other sites and will let you know where you can purchase this kit.


This kit has 12 one time use mask packs ~ 12 lifting powders and 12 lifting activator.  The powder is a greyish fine powder and once I mix the activator into it, the texture is similar to an egg white ~ a watery glutinous liquid.  It does have a faint scent to it, which I cannot place ~ the egg or charcoal maybe ~ but it does disappear quickly once I apply this to my face.   I am very shy, so I used my hand here to show you how it looks ~ you will rarely see my face as I am very self-conscious!  But I did apply this mixture to my face, using the supplied brush.  Using upward motions, I applied this first to my cheeks and then my forehead, chin and then my nose.  I did avoid the eye area, as a fellow K-beauty addict who tried this out last week, mentioned that it will pull and tug, and I did not want that type of effect around my sensitive eye area.  In the photos below, you can see dark specks, which I assume is the charcoal powder.



I left it on for the 15 minutes, as suggested and as the mask dried, I felt my skin contract and tighten, almost to the point where it was almost uncomfortable.    The mask cracked as it was supposed to do ~ I guess that is what they mean by the “stringy spider web” description and then I used a facial sponge and warm water to rinse off the mask.  I applied my Secret Key Milk Toner afterwards.  

What effect did this mask have on my face?  Well, obviously, it isn’t going to brighten or reduce hyper-pigmentation in one use.  Or even 12.  I didn’t notice a lift after the mask was washed off, but I did notice that my skin felt smooth and soft, and my pores around my nose looked to be tighter and smaller.  This is a temporary effect, but I did like that my pores did have the appearance of being smaller.   Ingredients ~ well, I cannot find a full ingredient list except in Korean and it is in a photo image, so I cannot even translate that.  However, Memebox did mention some of the key ingredients, and based on my findings, I was able to piece a few more together with this product, which I will list below.    The ingredients that I am guessing at are in red, but I will also include a photo of the ingredient list.  I would love it if someone could translate it for me 🙂

image from http://www.wishtrend.com/skin-care/1060-vitamin-tree-watergel-mask-iamfrom.html

This also contains Vitamin Tree, the Tree of Miracles, which is Sea Buckthorn and it grows in the mountainous regions in cold climates or sandy soils in extreme growing conditions.  It has 5x more vitamin E than lemons and 200x more vitamin C than apples.  Contains 495 natural nutrients, 9 essential amino acids, minerals, polyphenol, organic acids and will help soothe stressed skin and help remove toxic wastes

Got desert, dry skin?  Enlarged pores? Saggy skin?  Fret not, because the Spider Pack will address all of your skincare concerns, plus tons more!  This innovative mask used advanced spider web technology to deliver charcoal, vitamin tree extract, egg white extracts and more natural ingredients deep down into the pores to hydrate, enhance elasticity, brighten, clarify and refine the skin.

Additional Information

Sensitive muscle available main purslane, peptides, hyaluronic acid and vitamin tree extract, through plant active ingredients to help restore skin suppleness and nourishment, caused by making the skin more compact and flexible!

  • Albumin (egg white): prevent water evaporation and loss of skin to help enhance skin elasticity
  • Allantoin: excellent for calming sensitive or vulnerable to stimulate skin its soothing effect, helping respond to smooth skin
  • Charcoal powder: management of blackheads and grease residues, helping skin smooth and moist
  • Purslane extract: soothes skin due to exogenous factors cause allergenic sources and protect sensitive skin. Contains a lot of natural moisturizing factor makes the skin moist soft
  • Red flower bud (Rose Hip??) extract: with natural active ingredients, minimized ultrasonic extraction to help whiten and improve its elasticity
  • Sea Buckthorn:  Tree of Vitamins.  Rich in vitamins C and E are very good for skin care
  • Adenosine: through the Korea food and drug Department-certified functional improvement of wrinkles composition
  • Niacinamide: through the Korea food and drug Department certification, effective whitening does not contain allergenic substances 

How To Use:  Take one packet of Spider Pack Lifting Powder and mix with one Lifting Activator and mix until it forms a uniform mixture.  Take the brush provided and apply onto clean skin.  Leave for 10-15 minutes or until the formula dries into a stringy spider web.  Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and tone the skin

Key Ingredients: niacinamide, charcoal powder, allantoin, albumin, rose hip (red flower bud), hyaluronic acid, purslane extract, sea buckthorn,  adenosine

image from http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Juntenshi-spider-mask-pack-korea-hot_50006021273.html
 image from http://1plus1-kr.com/ecommerce/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=282
Ingredient list
image from http://1plus1-kr.com/ecommerce/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=282


Since this is no longer available at Memebox, I did some searching and found this kit at these sites

Do you have Juntenshi Spider Lifting Pack?  What do you think about it?  I find it to be an interesting product, but I am not sure if it is a repeat purchase for me.


 [ all descriptions in italics are from the linked website or us.memebox.com.   All items were purchased by me.  ]





5 thoughts on “Juntenshi Spider Pack Lifting Powder & Activator Kit Initial Impressions

  1. I was pretty curious when I saw this on memebox but I didn’t get around to buying it. This seems like a great novelty item. It’s a bit weird that this is named after how the mask dries rather than the ingredients. I was hoping it would contain some kind of spider by product.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. that does not sound good at all! I wish I could figure out the rest of the ingredients in this product ~ I always am nervous about trying products that I don’t know the full list of ingredients, as I could have an allergic reaction to it.


      1. Was a bit nervous when I tried this out and def. not a happy camper when the mask came of but the redness didn’t stay for more then a few hours, but i’m not going through that again..


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