Unboxing ABCDEat Noodle Box – Spicy Edition!

Yeah, I received two ABCDEat boxes this weekend, and I am going to review my Noodle Box ~ Spicy Edition today.  I have purchased several of these boxes from ABCDEat  and have reviewed them here.   What is ABCDEats?  A fellow beauty blogger has branched out and created her own subscription box, which is an Asian Snack/Food box.  Genie and her partner call it ABCDEat and currently,  you have to order each item separately as they do not have a normal subscription automatic fee.   At this time, they are not taking new orders.

About ABCDEat

ABCDEat stands for Asian Box Can Do Eat (It), and we are a Hong Kong-based online store where we gather snacks from all over Asia to add into our boxes, and ship them directly to your doorstep.

ABCDEat provides both a monthly service, as well as boxes that you can order at any time. We also have some special promotions during the weekends!!!

The advantage of ABCDEat being located in Hong Kong, is that Hong Kong is an international city, and we can find snacks from all over the world here! We know that everyone loves snacks, especially all the Asian goodies, so we would like to share this food experience with you too!

At ABCDEat, we’re committed to bringing you only the best – we’ll make sure it’s worth the wait!!

As I wrote in my non Spicy Edition Noodle Box review,  I do like ramen noodles, despite the disapproving looks from my co-workers as I prepare my noodle dish in the work kitchen ~ haha.   I also love spicy food, but my version of spicy can be different from others, so I was pretty interested in trying out Asian spicy noodles.

 image from https://www.facebook.com/ABCDEat

Who doesn’t love instant noodles? Yes, they’re unhealthy, but it’s always good to have some sitting in your kitchen in case of those days you don’t want to cook or have anything too heavy. Here, in Hong Kong, we have a huge variety of the type of noodles as well as the flavour of the noodles!! Think of the abalone chicken noodles, the kimchi noodles, and so many more!! Don’t miss out on this box and order now!!!

Informational Card

#7 is incorrectly labeled on the card

Noodle Box – Spicy Edition Revealed!

Top Row:  Fuku Spicy Soup, Tokyo Noodle – Shincan Peperoncino, Ottogi Jin Ramen
Bottom Row: Chewy Instant Rice Vermicelli, Sau Tau Dry Noodles, Nong Shim Kimchi Ramyun Noodles, Nissin Spicy Beef Flavor


Fuku Spicy Soup Instant Noodle (Japan):    I received this brand in my first noodle box and I do think ABCDEat’s gives you two of these ~ as I received 2 here again.   I think because these can be eaten either raw or as a soup, and two packages will allow me to try them in both methods.   These noodles are made in Japan and can actually be prepared as a soup in the traditional manner or eaten “raw” – you just smush up the bag and then add the seasoning, for a quick crunchy treat.   These are supposed to be quite hot, as they are Szechaun type of spicy (Mala), so I better have some ice water on hand!

Tokyo Noodle – Shinchan Peperoncino (Japan):  OMG ~ these are a spaghetti noodle soup, and the flavor is garlic and red pepper ~ sounds yummy ~ I might even add some pepperoni to it and top with some grated cheese ~ a Japanese meets Italian noodle dish!

Ottogi Jin Ramen ~ Mild (Korea):  This is a traditional ramen soup with the Korean style ramuym broth, but this is a mildly spicy.   This one would probably be good to add lots of fresh ingredients to, as it seems to be a “blank” slate.

Chewy Instant Rice Vermicelli (Thailand):  I received a chewy instant rice vermicelli in my non-spicy edition and it is the same noodle  ~ it is mildly spicy, so that is why it was included in both boxes.   Vermicelli is one of my favorite noodles ~ it is used in a Vietnamese dish that I adore ! lemongrass chicken dish with cold vermicelli noodles (Bún gà nướng xả).  Vermicelli noodles are also very popular in Hong Kong over other types of noodles and it is healthier because they aren’t fried.  But, I am eating noodle dishes, so healthy isn’t something I am worried about with them!

Sau Tao Dry Noodles (Hong Kong):  This isn’t a soup ~ you actually boil the noodles, then drain them, THEN add the seasonings.  Hence the name “dry noodles”.   This brand doesn’t fry its noodles, so again, healthier 🙂

Nong Shim Kimchi Ramyun Noodle (Korea): These are the spicy noodles of all of the noodles in this box, according to the informational card.  Kimchi is a fermented Korean vegetable ~ heavily seasoned ~ and is spicy and sour.  I will say, I do not like kimchi at all  ~ I have tried it and the scent has driven me to distraction (I cannot stand it).  However, I will try these out and hold my nose!  haha  These are the “burn your throat” type of spicy whose heat increases with every bite.  Forget ice-cold water, I will need an ice cold beer with this one!!

Nissin Spicy Beef Flavor Vermicelli (Japan):  This is mislabeled on the informational card as  Sau Tao Vermicelli  Ho Fan Abalone & Prawn Flavor, but it is really the Nissin Spicy Beef Vermicelli dish.   I loved the Nissin Pickled Vegetable Pork Vermicelli in my non-spicy noodle box, so I am eager to try these out.

Nissin Spicy Beef Flavor Vermicelli  Review

This blog post is just an unboxing, as I obviously cannot eat or sample all 7 noodle dishes in one day, unlike the candy boxes 🙂    For my noodle boxes, I will try to randomly select at least one item and do a mini review on it.  I choose Nissin Spicy Beef Flavor Vermicelli as my lunch today, as I really liked the Nissin noodles in my non spicy box.    This is how it looked prior to me preparing it ~ it has the vermicelli noodles and 3 pouches for broth, condiment and toppings.  I also sliced up some fresh veggies ~ radish, some radicchio and cilantro ~ for freshness and to help tamper down the heat.

Ingredients in English 🙂

To prepare, I added the dried toppings and soup base to the noodles and then added boiling water.  I waited 4 minutes and then transferred the soup to a bowl, mixed in the seasoning sauce and added my fresh vegetables.

The soup has a good deep, dark beef flavor with a spiciness that starts out slow and then it hits your taste buds!  You can see how rich the broth is by the photo ~ see the golden brown color?  This is spicy to me, but depending on your own personal tastes, this could be mild 🙂   I really liked the rich beef broth taste and am glad I added some fresh vegetables to this dish, as it helped cool down the heat.

All of the items in my box were fresh, not expired and ABCDEat’s clearly marked in the informational card where they were made.  I paid $21.99 for my box, which includes shipping and handling.

Check out ABCDEat at  https://www.facebook.com/ABCDEat.    All of the products from ABCDEat are made from companies that are reputable in Asian countries.    I still have the Taste of Taiwan and Taste of Thailand to come ~ waiting on those to arrive!


[ descriptions in italics from https://www.facebook.com/ABCDEat ]


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