Horrible Announcement from Memebox

I woke up this morning to read an announcement from Memebox on their Facebook page


Dear International Memebox Customers,

When we first launched our company in 2013, we had a vision of providing our customers worldwide easy access to Korean beauty products. We grew quickly, and are excited to have done this for so many people. However, this huge goal means we face many challenges, and have sadly realized that we are unable to deliver an excellent customer experience for all of our international customers.

In order to offer fast shipping times, attentive customer support, and a seamless ordering process, we’ve made the difficult decision to stop international deliveries as of February 10th. Moving forward, we will only be able to ship to locations where we have a domestic shipping presence: US, China, and Korea. This means that all orders placed on us.memebox.commust be shipped to a US address as of 11:59 PM PST, February 10th, 2015. All existing and future orders will be shipped by the 13th of February.

It is with a heavy heart that Memebox makes this unfortunate announcement. We have really enjoyed providing our services and we’ll miss you all so much. You all have been so amazing and loyal. This was a painful decision, but a necessary one in order to improve our shipping process until it is perfected and ready to expand internationally. Memebox loves and values all our customers, and we’re excited to create a better experience for all our customers to return to you again in the future.

We know this is difficult, and we’ve set up feedback@memebox.com and a community forum at http://ushelp.memebox.com/hc/communities/public/topics where we will be answering any questions you may have.

We’ve also put together a helpful FAQ here: http://ushelp.memebox.com/hc/en-us/sections/200313669-FREQUENTLY-ASKED-QUESTIONS

Thank you.

The Memebox Team


I live in the USA and I think this decision blows. Sucks. FUBR.   All of us made Memebox successful ~ from our fellow fans in Australia, UK, Poland, Canada, France, Sweden and the countless other countries that Memebox used to ship to ~ WE ALL MADE THEM SUCCESSFUL.  This crap about shipping is crap.   If testerkorea, beautynetkorea, roseroseshop (all Korean based shops) can do it, so can Memebox.  If Beauteque.com, which is a USA based K-Beauty/Asia shop can ship not only to USA, but Canada and Europe, so can Memebox.   

Personally, I am not interested that much in USA based boxes filled with Tonymoly, It’s Skin, Holika Holika items.   I do like Skinfood and Goodal, but outside of the Goodal products, Skinfood items can be purchased much cheaper elsewhere.  The USA shop is overpriced and I purchased most of my goods thru Memebox International Shop.   I just made another purchase this morning to get my Slowganic facial cleanser and 5-seeds Apple scrub, as those are hard to find.   I am sure USA Memeshop won’t carry those at all 😦

Also, the timing of this is horrible.  Many people are affiliates and have Memepoints.   Since Memebox switched affiliate programs, they won’t even have time to use their Memepoints from the payout before the shutdown.

Memebox, you broke up with the world right before Valentine’s Day.   Please, rethink this, fix your DAMN INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ISSUES and do not ship out USA only boxes.   You are totally messing up what made you popular.   There will be major loss of revenue after you cut off International Shipping and you know it.  There is no way your USA warehouse can compete or compare with your International warehouse.  

I am so pissed off about this.  Seriously.  Beyond belief.


11 thoughts on “Horrible Announcement from Memebox

  1. Completely agree with you. I live in India and know lots of people who love memebox. They sent us an email sometime back saying they are stopping shipping to India by 15th Jan.

    The funny thing is I tried placing an order after the 15th and it went thru so I was hoping they had changed their mind. I lost my affiliate points completely as they were less than 10 dollars and they refused to convert them into memeshop points.

    This is sad sad sad

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    1. dela, did your order ship out yet? I hope you get your item 🙂 I read that they stopped to India and Denmark and I thought Poland was on that list as well. Now, it is everyone and believe me, the USA boxes and shops are nothing to be happy about either. I rarely purchase from the USA shop.

      You should ask them about your memepoints again – I read that they will cash out memepoints that are over 4.00, so if they are doing this now, they should do it for you as well.


      1. Yes, thankfully the order has shipped and is with Indian customs. My points are afflilate points, so they transfer to cash out or points only after they hit 10. Mine are less than that…. So not too much of a loss. Cashing out is not an option since our bank regulations are super strict whilst receiving inward remittances. Not worth the effort


  2. Well said! I’m rather sad about this since I just got into memebox (through your blog actually ). Now, they won’t ship to Canada anymore. Their wording is also very confusing. I’m still not sure if I can order the Valentine boxes since they ship after February 10.

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    1. What I loved about Memebox was that we all became a community – didn’t matter where we were from – our love of Memebox, K-Beauty – people bonded over that…. Now, they are breaking up our community as well.. I am so sad and upset about this. It is not fair – at all!

      I think you will be okay with the Valentine’s boxes if you order them prior to the 10th, but you should email hi@memebox.com to make sure. It is confusing, but the worst that can happen is that it won’t ship out and you will be refunded.

      Do you live close enough to the USA border? I know some Canadians who have a PO box in the USA or use a shipping service so that they can have mail sent to a USA location and then they go pick it up.


        1. Pretty lil face is a Canadian Korean beauty company. Good thing about it is that the products are in Canada so shipping is 5-7 days!


  3. I am so frustrated with them about this. I never even got the email that other people got so I saw it in the Memebox Facebook group. I think it’s silly that they can’t ship to Canada but they can ship to the US. I know they have the US warehouse but still, in this day and age, shipping should not be an issue like this.

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  4. At least there is now an alternative for Australian Kbeauty lovers – STYLE STORY Australia has just today released its STYLE BOX – Australia’s first ever Korean Beauty Box. It’s a monthly subscription box filled exclusively with Korean beauty products shipped from within Australia


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