Unboxing January 2015 Starlooks Starbox

I posted the Starlooks Looksbook for January and I was thinking we might get Pantone’s Color of the Year ~ Marasla in this box, based on the strong lip color in the photos.  Maybe even a brush..  Was I right?   


2015 is here, and it’s a new chapter in life. This year has the potential to be the most exciting one yet. Like any good book, you never know what’s going to be written on the next page. Here at Starlooks, we’re here to help arm you with the best makeup you can have, all year long. We’ll help you always be prepared for life’s most unexpected plot twists. From magical romances to broken hearts, Starlooks is here to keep you looking your best!

Informational Card

 Left to right:  Malibu Soapworks brush cleanser, i-contour eyeshadow brush, Chestnut Kohl eye liner, Gisele Lipstick

HA!  I was right!  Rare, that is…

Lipstick in either Marasla or Gisele  I received Gisele and this is a beautiful red-brown shade.  It is very creamy, highly pigmented and even though Starlooks states it is matte, I view it more as a satin, as it isn’t a dull color, but has a subtle sheen.   This is so on-point for this year.  If you read my December’s Favorite Things blog post, you will know that I am a huge fan of this color and have been since the 1990’s!  Value $14.00

Description: A Pro Quality, intensely-saturated, moisturizing lipstick available in 2 amazing finishes! Whether worn alone or with other Starlooks lip products, this rich formula comes in a vast array of colors to complete every desired look. Choose from a wide variety of majestic mattes, fantastic frosts, stunning satins, and glistening glosses. Versatile and timeless, Starlooks Lipsticks are beautifully packaged in sleek, black cylinders with a slice of each specific shade conveniently visible on the bottom – each perfectly portable and easily applied directly or with a brush for a softer look.

Kohl Eye Liner in Chestnut  This is a lovely rich bittersweet chocolate brown eyeliner ~ it does smudge, as it is a kohl eyeliner, so I will only use it on my upper lids.  I love wearing brown as an eyeliner, just to soften my eye look.  It is perfect for daytime wear and as this is so deep and rich ~ very pigmented ~  it almost looks black.   Value $16.00

Description: Dramatically emphasize your eyes with Starlooks’ intensely-pigmented Kohl Eye pencils! These ultra-soft liners glide across delicate lids without pulling. Try a smokey effect by blending outwards with a fluffy brush! Each extremely creamy Kohl Liner can also be used as a base on the entire lid. Impossible to choose between 10 stunning and super saturated shades!

Brush randomly selected from Blending Eye Brush or Lip Brush  I received the i-contour Blending eye brush and I am so thrilled to get it!  I love brushes and I blend like crazy with my eye shadows.  This is a nice fluffy blending brush and is made of natural hair.    Value $22.00

Brush Wash “Young Coconut” Brush Shampoo by Malibu Soapworks  This is a biodegradable, organic and sustainable  brush cleanser and it was pretty smart of Starlooks to add this in as our extra, as they gave us a brush.  I will get great use out of this, as I just purchased several brushes to replace my old old very ancient old Mac brushes and a good brush cleanser is what I really need now.  This is a solid hard soap, and you just add water to soften it up.    1 oz Value $12.50

How to Use: Apply approximately 1 tablespoon of water to the pot to soften top layer of soap.  Gently swirl your makeup brush around inside the pot, continuing in a circular motion. Rinse brush and repeat until the brush is clean. You may either wipe or rinse out the soap pot to prep it for its next use. 

Ingredients: coconut water, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil with kosher food-grade sodium hydroxide



Under different lighting conditions:  Left to right:  Gisele lipstick, Chestnut Kohl eye liner

I love my color choices this month  and am so happy that Starlooks did follow the Pantone trend and send us a “marsala” color and the eyeliner goes very well with that shade, as well.    I am very pleased to have the brush, as that will go nicely with the last month’s palette and a brush cleanser is always welcomed!   The total value of this box was $64.50, including the bonus brush cleanser and I paid $17.68.

Did you subscribe to Starlooks Starbox?  If so, what did you think of this month’s box?

If you would like to subscribe to the Starlooks Starbox, I would love it if you used my referrer link – please click here  http://starbox.starlooks.com/subscribe?refer=58876

January 2015 Starblast

January 2015 StarBlast 2015-01-27 22-50-25


2 thoughts on “Unboxing January 2015 Starlooks Starbox

  1. Thank you for the brush wash instructions! I didn’t see any in the box or on the sample, and I have really been wanting to try it out. Love the brush you got, great review!

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