Rainbow Honey January Limited Edition Set Unboxing!

I decided to stop subscribing to Rainbow Honey’s monthly bag due to the many nail polishes I have.  I will purchase their monthly bag separately if I like the colors and will review here.  However, once I made my decision to stop my monthly bag with them, they came out with a LE for January ~ which I HAD TO HAVE.   Blue nail polishes are my weakness and these colors are Snow Queen territory!  I also used my promo code to get a free mini nail polish of my choice.

Fallen Snow Rollerball ~ “Our cool new perfume oil captures the beauty of fresh snow, freesia, lavender and musk.” I can really smell the musk in this perfume, with the lavender undertones.  It has an “oily” scent to it ~ rich, but it is nice and I like it a lot.   Very earthy and warm.

Fallen Snow top coat (mini) ~ Rainbow Honey’s wonderful clear top coat in the scent of Fallen Snow perfume.

Fallen Snow Nail Polish ~ “Tour the glaciers with our cool powdery blue and shimmery creme” This is a beautiful pale, pale, almost white but not quite, blue creme with a touch of shimmer. 

Icelandia Glitter Nail Polish ~ “The land where all of the sparkly blue icicles live in a clear base packed with pigments and cool glitters!”  Most of the blue glitters I receive are darker, more tropical ocean blues.  This is a pale blue, icy icicle blue glitter bomb on a clear base. 

I also am supposed to get an All Your Base(mini), but that is shipping out separately on 2/1.  That is just Rainbow Honey’s clear base coat, formulated with Vitamin E.


My free mini nail polish is Emerald Weapon  “A dark, aquatic green with blue and green shimmer”  I have been drooling over this color for a very long time but never purchased it. 

I also received a couple of freebies too!   Royal Fruits scented cuticle balm and a Pomme Rouge mini heart shaped hand soap 🙂


Left to Right

  • Icelandia ~ two coats
  • Fallen Snow ~ two coats
  • Fallen Snow ~ two coats with one coat of Icelandia
  • Emerald Weapon ~ two coats

I am very pleased with my icy Snow Queen set of frozen colors ~ it is pretty appropriate that I received them on the eve when my area is getting 2 to 3 feet of snow!!  A blizzard outside…

This set is still available at Rainbow Honey, for $25.00.



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