Unboxing Rainbow Honey January 2015 Mystery Bag + Promo Code

I subscribe to the monthly Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag and have done so since earlier last year.  Rainbow Honey is a indie company that specializes in nail polishes, but also has branched out to perfumes and creams.    “Each Mystery Bag has sneak peaks and previews of new lacquers, unreleased samples of future collections and exciting new products made by the Rainbow Honey Lab!”      This will be my last regular bag as I am nailpolished out right now and need to take a break.  However, Rainbow Honey does sell the bag separately, so if I like the looks of a bag one month, I will purchase it and review it here.

Informational Card


January Bag


Lower left corner, clockwise:  Lemon Sorbet Soap, Lemon Sorbet, Rosey Bot, Dirty Mintini, Lemon Sorbet Lip Scrub, Lemon Sorbet Lip Balm

Lemon Sorbet Soap Bar (.5 oz)A new spa line soap, scented with Lemon Sorbet and topped with calendula petals and dried lemon peel.    I didn’t see any petals or peels on top of my mini soap bar, maybe that is only for the full sized ones.  This has a lovely, sweet refreshing scent of lemon and sugar.

Ingredients: propylene glycol,  water, sodium stearate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium myristate, sodium cocoyl isethionate, glycerin +/- parfum/fragrance, mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, carmine 

Lemon Sorbet (7.5 mL) ~ Inspired by our take of Lemon Italian Ice, Lemon Sorbet is a gorgeous scented glitter topper in a clear based, packed with micro glitters and white pigments.  This is my favorite color of the 3;  in fact, the only one I will wear.  The swatch does not do it justice, it is an icy glitter with a rainbow of pink and light green iridescence.   It comes off as lavender in the swatch, but it truly is a white ice-pale topper.   What you see in the picture above, with the polish in the bottle, is more representative of the shade than my swatch.  I love this shade and despite my “I don’t need nor want any more nailpolishes”, when this comes out in full size, I will purchase it.

Rosey Bot (7.5 mL) ~ “palo de rosa” metallic.   This is a pale peach-coral rose.  I am not a fan of the color.

Dirty Mintini (7.5 mL) ~ an all minty creme base sprinkled with belgian chocolate glitters.   Rainbow Honey is trying to state this is also perfect for winter.  No, this is an easter egg color, not a winter color.  The green is very pale, as a mint green would be, but the mix of the bronze micro glitter is a fail for me.  It just looks dirty (hence its name) but not in a fun or good way.  The bronze glitters should have been chunky for it to look like this is on purpose and then I would have loved it.   Right now, it just looks like I got some dirt on my nails and I need to wash it off.

Lemon Sorbet Sugar Lip Scrub (.25 oz)flavored with Lemon Sorbet, deliciously and gently exfoliates.   This does not smell like the soap at all ~ in fact, it smells like Girl Scout Lemon cookies and even tastes like it too!  I think it is because this has real sugar in it and the soap did not.  This is a very nice lip scrub and I love the scent and flavor.  I have to assume that they just forgot to put “sugar” in the list of ingredients for this scrub – haha

Ingredients: persea gratissima (avocado) oil, euphorbia carifera (candelilla) wax, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil,  tocopherol (vitamin E), butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), +/- flavor

Lemon Sorbet Nourishing Lip Balm (.15 oz) ~  After exfoliating your lips, apply this wonderful lip balm in the lemon sorbet flavor!  This is a favorite as well

Ingredients: persea gratissima (avocado) oil, babasu seed oil,  euphorbia carifera (candelilla) wax, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, castor seed oil,  passionfruit seed oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), +/- fragrance, flavor, stevia rebaudiana extract



Left to right: Lemon Sorbet (take away the lavender, and that is the color), Rosey Bot, Dirty Mintini

I did love the scents this month, anything that is citrus related, I do enjoy.  The lip scrub is really nice too.   However, the only color I liked was the Lemon Sorbet ~ the other two colors are not my cup of tea and I felt that this month’s bag was an Easter Basket or something.  I do know that the Mystery Bag is for upcoming polishes and experimental items, but I haven’t received one solid fall/winter nail color, outside of Sugarberries several months ago, and everything else has been bright or pastel, it seems.    I saw RH’s Winter LE and just fell in love with it and I wonder why this was not our color choices this month….  It is such an icy, frozen set and would have been perfect for January.   I did purchase the Winter LE and I will review it here once I get it.


Promo Code:  If you add any of the mini’s that Rainbow Honey currently offers at their shop into your cart, use ONEFREEMINI as your promo code and you will get it free (excluding shipping/handling)

Did you get Rainbow Honey’s Mystery Bag this month?  What did you think of it?


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