Memebox Pony Season 2 Eyeshadow Palette + I’m Meme Review

I have purchased the original Pony eyeshadow palette from Memebox and when I saw that there was a 2nd edition of this palette ~ Pony Shine Easy Glam Season 2  ~ I could not wait for it to be released!  I ordered my palette, plus a couple of other Memebox XO makeup items, their eyeliner in Jade and their lip crayon in Bella.   I received my order the other day and here are my initial thoughts.   The lip crayon I had purchased earlier and I was just waiting for my other items to be delivered before I did a review.  

This palette came in a study box, that was decorated with the Universe and stars 🙂  The palette itself is a plain black rectangle, smaller than the original Pony palette, about 3/4 of the size compared to the original palette.


This palette flips open to reveal a much more economical design for the eye shadows that the original one and there is a mirror so you can apply the shadows.   There is also a useless brush in this palette and I do not recommend using it.  You get eight eye shadow colors, where two of them are twice the size of the other size.


  • Left Side: Shine Peach
  • Top Row: Glam Violet, Shine Rose, Shine Beige
  • Bottom Row: Shine Dew, Glam Mocha, Glam Cocoa
  • Right Side: Glam Bronze

Glittery ~ lots of glitter and shine, with lots of fall out.  Satin ~ some glitter with little or no fall out

  • Shine Peach ~ Pale peach-white color, very light, glittery
  • Glam Violet ~ Beautiful African violet color, medium pigmentation, satin
  • Shine Rose ~ Warm peach-rose color, light pigmentation, satin
  • Shine Beige ~  Warm white color, light pigmentation, satin
  • Shine Dew ~  Cool white with pink and gold glitter, very light, glittery
  • Glam Mocha ~ Warm brown, pigmented, satin
  • Glam Cocoa ~ Deep bittersweet chocolate, pigmented, satin
  • Glam Bronze ~ Copper-brown, pigmented, but with lots of fallout, glittery

I am recommending that you use an eye shadow base primer.   The lighter colors have a lot of fall out as well as Glam Bronze.  These shadows are very soft as well, so be careful about what brush to use.  I used a stiffer brush, as I do for all of my swatches, and it really dug a hole in the colors:


I swatched all eyeshadow using UD eye shadow primer.   The lighter colors took about 2-3 swipes and they were the ones with major fall out as well.  The darker colors did not experience major fall out, except for Glam Bronze, and were quite pigmented ~ these swatches for the darker colors were just one swipe from a brush.  The left side of the photo is with flash and the right side is natural daylight.


  1. Shine Peach
  2. Shine Dew  
  3. Glam Violet
  4. Glam Mocha

Shine Peach and Shine Dew had lots of fall out and were not highly pigmented


  1. Shine Rose
  2. Glam Cocoa
  3. Shine Beige
  4. Glam Bronze

Strangely enough, Shine Beige didn’t experience as much of fall out as Glam Bronze, which is a darker color.  

I found that Shine Peach and Shine Dew are the most with the fall out with a barely there pigmentation.   Shine Beige was also lightly pigmented, but it didn’t have the mess than those two had.   To my shock, Glam Bronze, although highly pigmented, has tons of fall out.    When I rubbed my arm to remove the colors, the following colors faded quickly:

  • Shine Peach
  • Shine Dew  
  • Shine Beige
  • Glam Bronze

These colors did not fade that quickly and still left their color behind on my arm:

  • Glam Violet
  • Glam Mocha
  • Shine Rose
  • Glam Cocoa

This set does not have any mattes, so I will use the easy base color from my original Pony Palette and perhaps some of the other mattes to complement this palette.  The colors are beautiful and I will get use out of this palette.  I do feel that the original is more versatile, because of its mix of matte and shimmer and this palette seems to suffer from fall out quite a bit, with its soft shadows.  You can still order the Pony Season 2 Palette at Memebox for $20.00 and the original one is still available as well.    

I’m Lip Crayon in Bella ~ Okay, enough with the hokey names and the I’m stuff! haha  It is a good thing for Memebox that their makeup, so far, is really good.   I choose Bella as my lip color ~ Memebox has 6 to choose from:  Bella, Giselle (nude pink), Mary Jane (warm rosy pink), Chloe (scarlet red), Matilda (salmon-pink) and Juliet (hot pink). 

Bella is a bright cranberry color, not red and not hot pink, but a true vibrant berry ~ Memebox describes it as magenta red, and I guess that is pretty close to what I would say it is.  This is a very creamy, glossy color lip crayon, no taste or scent to it.  This color screams to people to LOOK AT YOUR LIPS!!   It is a beautiful shade.  I hope that Memebox will come out with some more colors, even some muted wines, red-browns.    This lip crayon is really nice and I would like to have some more colors, even though I don’t need anymore lip shades!   The Lip Crayons retail at Memeshop for $7.00 individually and they do sell all six of them for $32.00 currently, for a savings of $10.00.

I’m Eyeliner in Jade ~  I picked up the Jade eyeliner  as that was the color I was most interested in ~ they have 5 colors to choose from:  Jade, Moonstone (gold-flecked espresso), Blazing (burgundy), Immortal  (plum) and Night (black)

This is a beautiful Khaki color with lots of gold shimmer.  Even though it is a retractable eyeliner pencil, it also has a built-in sharpener to make nice fine lines, a smudge sponge tip for using this as an eyeshadow ~ as green seems to be sorely lacking in the Pony palettes.   Work fast, however, with the smudger ~ these are Korean eyeliners and they set quickly!  Once they are set, they don’t budge.   I am now interested in picking up Immortal, as I love a good plum colored eyeliner.   The I’m Eyeliners sell for $5.00 each at the Memeshop or you can purchase all 5 of them for $15.00, for a savings of $10.00

  • I’m Eyeliner in Jade ~ the right hand side is smudged slightly
  • I’m Lip Crayon in Bella


So, what do you think of the Pony Season 2 palette or the I’m makeup line at Memebox?  Do you own any or plan to purchase some?  Let me know in the comments below! 

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2 thoughts on “Memebox Pony Season 2 Eyeshadow Palette + I’m Meme Review

  1. Boooo the Glam Violet looks really different from the promo pictures. The Shine Rose looks super pretty! I think I’ll skip out on this palette, though…not a fan of all that fall out, and if there aren’t multiple shades calling out to me…eh.

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