Unboxing November 2014 Starlooks Starbox

Starlooks gave us a very vague theme with November, with their November 2014 Looksbook here.

Dark Crystal

Minerals that grow into crystals, geode’s, and agates hide their striking beauty within the cracks, crevices, caves, and rocks of the earth – only to be discovered by those devoted and brave enough to extract them, and only to be admired by those who understand their true worth.  This month, we challenge you to be bold enough and brave enough, and dig deep within yourself to find confidence and inner beauty.  Illuminate your features with some sparkle, add a little shimmer to your everyday look, and embrace the natural, but bold tones of the earth.

Pigments, glitters, lipstick?  Let’s find out!  This month’s box is black with a cool holographic logo

Informational Card

And here is what I received!


From left to right, starting at the top and going clockwise

Glitter in Quartz ~ this is a such a fun color~ It is a bright pink-gold with shimmers of lavender.   I like their idea of using this with a clear nailpolish and making my own.  This will look amazing in the center of the eyelid as a pop of shimmer and shine.    “With an intense sparkle, Starlooks’s Glitter is the perfect way to add even more “bling” to any look! Try adding Glitter to loose powder, eye shadow, and even nail polish to easily create a one-of-a-kind look.”   Value $18.00

Matte Lip Liner in Terri’s Choice ~ OMG.  First off, can I say THANK YOU for getting rid of the wooden pencils.  Because the lids on my lipliners and eyeliners would always fall off for some reason.   Second, OMG.  This is one amazing color ~ it is a deep berry color that will look great on its own with some balm or gloss on top.  I am not into matte lippies, but this one doesn’t seem too drying to me.   I am so thrilled to get this item and it is a brand new line that Starlooks is releasing.   Value $14.00

Longwear Pot Eye Liner in Wyld ~ There is another variation that was sent out in Star Dust.  I was at first disappointed that I got Wyld, as I did purchase this product earlier this year.    However, as I grabbed my Wyld eyeliner to swatch that (and not the one in this month’s box), I noticed that it was a different color.  I think they changed the color formula on Wyld, as the one I bought earlier this year is a deep bronze with olive and grey undertones.  The one in this month’s box is still a bronze, but a more brighter tone without the olive and grey.  At any rate, they are different so I will use both!!  Value $16.00

I also got some little rhinestones, which is cute as it fits the “dark crystal” theme. 


I used elf Glitter Primer with the Quartz Glitter and you can really see the lavender come out on this product

Swatches with flash

  1. Terri’s Choice Matte Lip Liner
  2. Wyld ~ Original Formula
  3. Wyld ~ New Formula
  4. Quartz Glitter

Swatches ~ No flash

  1. Terri’s Choice Matte Lip Liner
  2. Wyld ~ Original Formula
  3. Wyld ~ New Formula
  4. Quartz Glitter

November 2014 StarBlast 2014-11-27 19-23-09

I really love this month’s Starlooks.  The colors are beautiful and they all work together.  A nice bold lip, bronze eyeliner and a fairy tale pink-gold shimmer glitter.   All of these colors are great for going into the cooler winter months ahead with lots of holiday parties!  The total value of this box was $48.00 and I paid $17.68.

Did you subscribe to Starlooks Starbox?  If so, what did you think of this month’s box?

Upcoming December’s Box ~ the $99.00 palette will be featured!

If you would like to subscribe to the Starlooks Starbox, I would love it if you used my referrer link – please click here  http://starbox.starlooks.com/subscribe?refer=58876


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