Unboxing ABCDEat Green Box!

A fellow MUT board member (makeuptalk.com) has branched out and created her own subscription box, which is an Asian Snack/Food box.  Genie and her partner call it ABCDEat and currently,  you have to order each item separately as they do not have a normal subscription automatic fee.

About ABCDEat

ABCDEat stands for Asian Box Can Do Eat (It), and we are a Hong Kong-based online store where we gather snacks from all over Asia to add into our boxes, and ship them directly to your doorstep.

ABCDEat provides both a monthly service, as well as boxes that you can order at any time. We also have some special promotions during the weekends!!!

The advantage of ABCDEat being located in Hong Kong, is that Hong Kong is an international city, and we can find snacks from all over the world here! We know that everyone loves snacks, especially all the Asian goodies, so we would like to share this food experience with you too!

At ABCDEat, we’re committed to bringing you only the best – we’ll make sure it’s worth the wait!!


I purchased their green box as the contents sounded very yummy to me ~ I love matcha, seaweed and wasabi!



image from https://www.facebook.com/ABCDEat

Green isn’t just the colour of boring vegetables – green can be a colour of fun too! Our Green Box from ABCDEat contains foods made with Matcha Green Tea, Seaweed, and even Wasabi!!


Informational Card

Genie at ABCDEat let me know that my card is missing the information on last item, so it was item number 9 on the card.


 Green Box Revealed!

My numbering is based on the above picture, not the info card.

1.  Boubon Chocolande Matcha Soft Cookie 28 g.  Matcha is a green tea and it is very popular.  I use Matcha powder in my smoothies, my coffee, even add it to my oatmeal!   These are matcha flavored chocolates with a soft cookie inside.  This is item 3 from the card.

2.  Ginbis Party Animal Biscuits – Seaweed 18g.   These are seaweed (nori) flavored crackers.  This is item 7  from the card.

3.  Four Seas Pop Seaweed – Wasabi Flavor 35 g  These are dried seaweed strips, very thin and crunchy with the heat of spicy wasabi flavoring.  Card #1

4.  Lotte Koala’s March Matcha 41 grams  These are cookies that are filled with a delicious chocolate matcha center.   These are fantastic!!  Card #6

5.  Kasugai Wasabi Peas 2 pieces  Ahhh, I love wasabi peas!   These are delightfully spicy and crunchy.  If you have never tried wasabi peas before as a snack, try them out!  In the states, you can get them in the Asian section of your grocery store and I am sure Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s carries them as well!  Card #2

6.  Kitkat – Matcha Flavor 2 pieces  This was our spoiler and it pushed me over the edge to get 2 of these boxes.  I LOVE Matcha Kitkats.  Japan has so many cool flavors of KitKats, from sweet potato to Matcha and here in the states we just have the one!   You can also purchase these on eBay and amazon.com.   They are really good!  Card #4

7.  Green Dot Dot Organic Soya Milk with Matcha 2 pieces.  This is Genie@ABCDEat’s favorite drink and it is a creamy soy milk infused with a matcha taste.   I am saving these as Genie is going to give us some recipes to try out with this and I am looking forward to that.  Card #5

8.  Pine Apple Chewing Gum 2 pieces   This is a Japanese chewing gum in the flavor of apple.  Card #9

9.  Pine Bubble Soda Candy 2 pieces  You just pop these in your mouth and it fizzes there like soda pop.    Card #8


I am really happy with my Green Box as these are all flavors I already love and some of the treats are very familiar to me.    This is my favorite box from ABCDEat so far!   I will be happily munching on my Green Box snacks for the next few days.   Check out ABCDEat at  https://www.facebook.com/ABCDEat.    My next box is the Christmas Box, which is supposed to have things like chestnuts in it!  I cannot wait to try that out 🙂



[ descriptions in italics from https://www.facebook.com/ABCDEat ]



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