Memebox It’s Skin Dear my MUSE Liquid Rouge Lipstick Initial Impressions Review

I purchased the It’s Skin Dear my MUSE Liquid rouge lipstick in No 1 (NYX Red) in the USA Memebox Shop recently.  I was looking for a plum colored lipstick and this is supposed to be a lipstick, tint, gloss and balm all-in-one product.    I did look up the color swatches first on other sites, and NYX Red is not really a red lip color, but a deep berry plum.

Information from Memebox

image from


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Ingredients: argan oil, aloe extract, pearl powder

This product seemed to me to be very interesting, as I haven’t seen a lip product that is contained in this manner.   Bonus, the color seemed to be what I was looking for ~ as I am a crack fiend with neutral eyeshadow palettes, I am also addicted to plummy berry colors that are deep and rich for my lipsticks and glosses.

The lipstick tube is a pretty light pink/lavender color and when you remove the cap, you can see that there is a clear plastic hollow “lipstick” that contains the actual lip product.   The initial “twist” might be a few turns but after the product starts to come out, you will only need one twist.  This lipstick-gloss hybrid is pigmented initially.  You need to really dab it on, as it is slippery and then blot by using your lips.    I do like the look of this color once it is on ~ as it is a deep burgundy berry.   I do not find it to be a super glossy product because I do have to “dab” it on.    It is not the type of lip product that you can just swipe on without a mirror either, as it is a thinner slippery lipstick-gloss.    Perhaps you might be able to do that with a lighter color, but I do not recommend this with NYX Red.

This is a very hydrating product due to the argan oil, but that has a downside to the slippage factor with this product.  Dabbing it on will prevent the slip, but then you lose the gloss finish ~ which is fine for me, but for those looking for a high gloss product, I am not sure this product is for you.   Is it a lip tint as well?  It does leave behind a slight stain, but nothing dramatic, so yes, it is a tint.   The description is a bit confusing as It’s Skin describes this as a gloss but a matte finish.  So, is it a matte finish?  Not with the oil, it isn’t. However, I like the finish, which is more a satin finish.  Matte finishes make my lips look so dry and cracked when they are not.


It really does look better on ~ the settled color in the lines are not as apparent as these photos show, as these were taken with a flash and closeup, so everything is going to be magnified and visible.   These shots were taken with different lighting.

With Flash, outside in natural daylight

With Flash, inside with  compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) lighting


Is this product worth purchasing?  I think that if you are interested in trying out different types of products, this is certainly one worth purchasing.  I do love this color and I will use this product, but it is one that requires some thought in applying it.  You cannot just swipe and go!

It does come in other shades  ~ Memebox has shades 1 though 4 in their USA shop for $15.00

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