Memebox #47 My Dessert Box Review

The holiday season made me purchase the cutesy boxes.  I really wanted to get some Kawaii items for my nieces and so far, have totally struck out with Sweet Shop and My Cute Wishlist 3.    My Dessert Box sounded like Memebox could NOT GO WRONG.  Heck, they even mentioned specifically how these would LOOK like dessert items and they were perfect for Instagram pics – they promised!!  Did they deliver?  Read on…..

What is Memebox?

“Memebox curates only the most trusted, best-loved Korean beauty products at everyday prices. An extremely competitive industry, Korean cosmetics are renowned for their unprecedented quality developed through cutting-edge technology. At the forefront of the industry, Memebox is determined to deliver the enchantment of discovery through effortless experiences, at prices you’ll never say no to. ….Order from Memebox only when you want to, as often as you want to. In addition to our box series, Memeshop carries full-sized products featured in previous Memeboxes, offering easy access to Korean cosmetic trends.” from

I have a whole section in my blog,  devoted to Memebox, so if you want to know more, check out the Memebox category.

Memebox  #47 My Dessert Box


Nothing says cute like beauty trinkets that resemble your favorite sweet desserts!  If you’re a sucker for over-the-top, embellished beauty essentials that look like your favorite sweet treat, you’re in the right place! Yea, you’re all grown-up and lead a sophisticated a life and all, but sometimes, you’ve got to show some love to your inner nine-year old girl. What better way to show that love than to shower yourself with yummy beauty treats that look, feel, or smell like your favorite sweet desserts! Plus, these cute-as-a-muffin beauty trinkets are dual-purpose – they’re useful and they’re also really, really great props for Instagram. We promise.


Informational Card which should explain what I got and its value.



As these products are unknown to me and perhaps even to my readers, I am posting a description of the product under my thoughts for every product.  Normally, I just do a snippet or if it is a product that doesn’t really need a description, I won’t post it.  But for the purposes of my Memeboxes, I will make sure I find the appropriate description, usage and ingredient list if I can find it.   The descriptions will be from the webpage that is linked to the product name.  Not all of these products are sold in the Memebox Shop, so I had to look for them on various sites.   I really had a hard time finding these products, by the way, so don’t be thrown off by the Korean websites that are linked here!


Delskin Skin Juice90 Real Ampoule   Okay, seriously, this box is off on the wrong foot.  This is a great product, mind you.  I won one off Memebox when they were doing their free sampling reviews for this product.   This is an ampoule that is full of good extracts from fruits and veggies:  strawberry, lime, raspberry, lemon, mango, carrot, cucumber, broccoli,  kiwi ~ just to name a few.   It has vitamin C gold capsules that burst and absorb into your skin.  It does smell like a fruit basket, very nice.    BUT……………there is nothing remotely dessert-y about this product.  It is a large glass bottle.  Dessert Worthy Score 0/10  Full Size 100 mL Value $30.00

You can see the Vitamin C gold Capsules floating in the product

Product Description:  This bottle of ampoule consists over 90% of concentrated vitamin-rich fruit and veggie juice freshly extracted from strawberry, lime, raspberry, lemon, mango, apricot, orange, grapefruit, kiwi, papaya, broccoli, cucumber, and carrot.

image from

image from




Navillera Traditional Dessert Soap   This is the only Instagram worthy item in the box.  Very pretty soap and it was randomly selected from a variety of shapes, from cupcakes, to petit fours, to fruit.  The soap itself is from a bigger gift set that is sold on the Navillera website.  This site has a lot of beautiful items, from soaps to candles.  I would love to receive more items from them.  I hope Navillera makes an appearance in the My Cute Wishlist 4, as they have a wonderful Carnation Cupcake soap.   I received No 7, which reminds me a lone flower, floating in a whirlpool of water…call me a dreamer 🙂   Dessert Worthy Score 10/10 Full Size 60 gram Value $5.00

Product Description:  Hand-crafted into the shape of “hwa gwa ja” – a Japanese traditional sweet dessert widely served with tea, this lovely soap is formulated wtih only natural ingredients such as aroma essential oil,  centellia asiatica, sweet pumpkin, cacao, wormwood powders, camellia oil, etc.  Thus, it’s extremely gentle and is suitable for all skin types.

image from



Dearberry Single Scoop Blusher 01 Chiffon Pink    This is actually very cute in person as pictures cannot do it justice.  It doesn’t look like an ice cream to me, but the aesthetics are nice.   However, the cap and how it comes off is poorly designed. This is a very nice pink blush color and is a cream to powder blush ~ much deeper in tone than the The Face Shop blush.    Dessert Worthy Score 7/10 Full Size  8.5 g Value $11.00

Product Description: Awaken your complexion with an scoop of ice cream inspired blush. It gives the appearance of an airbrushed look with the ease and blendability of a feather-light and cream to powder blush. The formula melts into skin, leaving a subtle, dewy, soft-focus finish.  Gives skin a radiant flush of color with this cream-to-powder blush formula.

Key Ingredients: shea butter,mango butter and vitamin E derivatives


It’s Skin Cookie & Hand Cream   Randomly Selected from Strawberry, Mint.  I received Mint!  Yes!  I was hoping for this mint scent.  This is better as far as scents go and the container is nice – it does look like a pint of ice cream.  The lotion is a light minty green with little brown “chocolate chips” that actually melt into your skin as you apply this cream.   Dessert Worthy Score 9/10  Full Size 80 mL Value $9.00

Product Description: The refreshing light mint scent of this Cookie Hand Cream not only smells delightful, but is packed with waterful moisture and lavender water to soothe and hydrate your skin. It’s unique grain like cookie chip pieces is mixed in amongst the product leaving your hands with a matte finish.  Enrich your skin with nourishing ingredients like Shea Butter, Macadamia Seed Oil, and Carnauba Wax that will leave your hands feeling smooth and soft as ever.

Key Ingredients:  peppermint extract, shea butter, lavender water, macadamia seed oil, argan tree kernel oil

Ingredients: water, glycerin, mineral oil, stearic acid, SD alcohol 40-B, cetearyl alcohol, dimethicone, polysorbate 60, mentha piperita (peppermint) extract,  microcrystalline wax, PEG-100 stearate, glyceryl stearate, triethanolamine, carbomer, methylparaben, fragrance, zea mays (corn) starch, propylparaben, polyethylene, menthol, disodium EDTA, mentha piperita (peppermint) oil, allantoin, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, CI 77499, urea, tocopheryl acetate, sodium hyaluronate, panthenol, macadamia ternifolia seed oil, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower water, argania spinosa kernal oil, copernicia cerifera (carnauba) wax, squalane, hydroxypropycellulose, CI 42090

image from


Carver Korea Le Petit Prince Cream  The description states “pudding like” texture.  Err, no it is a gel cream and more like a watery jello, from the photos have I have seen on the interwebs as I did not open this cream up.    I am not sure if I wish to keep this item or not.  I am not a fan of all-in-one products, not when Memebox gives me individual items.  Not really thrilled that the most expensive item in my box is one that is a snooze fest for me.   The box packing is very sweet, it is from the famous French book, The Little Prince; however, that would mean it is better suited to be in a My Cute Wishlist box, not a Dessert box.  Dessert Worthy Score 0/10 Full Size 100 g Value $46.00

Product Description:  A pudding-textured gel cream formulated in a special collaboration with the famous Korean male beauty blogger “Petit Prince”.  It combines toner, emulsion, ampoule, cream and pack all in one multi-cream which works to create a moisture net over the skin to prevent any moisture loss and to main the skin moist, supple and elastic.




Shara Shara Lemon Tea Pore Stick    This is my favorite product in the box.  This is a dabbling stick product to help mattify your skin and is made with lemon and lime extracts and smells divine ~ I love a good lemon/citrus scent.    The stick is a white solid cream stick, reminds me of a stick deodorant, and you apply it to your skin when you need to tone down the shine.  Lemon Tea for Dessert?  Well, I am thinking afternoon English tea ~ where you have cookies, scones, lemon curd, clotted cream, strawberry jam ~ so a lemon tea would not be out of the ordinary to serve.   However, the packaging is not really dessert worthy, but the scent is.   Dessert Worthy Score 6/10  Full Size 5.5 gram Value $12.00

Product Description:  Fruit complex cleans open pores and removes dead skin cells. Sebum removing powder content controls excess oil for long lasting bright soft skin.  It fixes skin naturally and after makeup, controls makeup from darkening.  Cool rolling effect with fresh lemon scent.

How To Use

  • Before Makeup ~ apply on T zone, forehead and checks and roll gently with fingers and finish
  • After Makeup:  Tap gently and finish on top of T Zone, forehead and cheeks on oily areas.

Key Ingredients: Lemon extract, orange extract, lime extract, apple extract, witch hazel extract, collagen

image from



I am disappointed in My Dessert Box.  The products were really good products and I would have been happy with them in a Global box ~  but the claim that this was going to contain the following Nothing says cute like beauty trinkets that resemble your favorite sweet desserts!  If you’re a sucker for over-the-top, embellished beauty essentials that look like your favorite sweet treat, you’re in the right place!” and to end it with “We promise” was basically bunk.  Only the soap resembled anything dessert-y wise.    I wanted the trinkets, the aesthetics  of getting some cute items shaped in dessert-type forms, such as cupcake or macaroon lip balms.   Where are the Instagram worthy shots?  Just the soap.   Certainly not an ampoule!   I don’t understand why Memebox writes these descriptions and never delivers on them.   I did not want a huge tub of gel-all-in-one moisturizer.   It is a gel, they can say “pudding like” all they want, but that isn’t what it is.    I just felt that this was not the Dessert Box that they promised us, but at least 4 products out of 6 I will keep and use.

I paid $23.00 + $6.99 in shipping, for a total of $29.99 ~ I am sure I had Memepoints and this box was much less ~ and received a MemeValue ** of $113.00.   I have two more cutesy boxes coming to me, two more chances for Memebox to make good on their promises ~ My Cute Wishlist 4 and Petite Treasures.   I do not believe I will ever purchase another one of these cutesy themed boxes again from Memebox ~ I did so this time, looking for nice gifts for my nieces and they have not delivered at all.

Did you get the Memebox #47 My Dessert Box?  What did you think of it and what is your favorite product?

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4 thoughts on “Memebox #47 My Dessert Box Review

  1. I think that if we REALLY want cute, we have to go to other K beauty sites we know about, find the cutest things in the whole world there, and buy them ourselves. Memebox is not going to curate exactly, or sometimes, not even halfway to the theme sometimes of the time because they take what they can get wholesale.

    We are buying retail. If cute is the goal for presents, why not buy cute things and put them in a box or Christmas stocking and know we got the cutest K- items on the planet from the sites we shopped? It has taken me 3 months to realize that Memebox can’t curate to the theme like we can.. but we will pay a lot more when we go off- site and do our own purchases.. Because an entire Memebox without points or coupons is around $30 shipped.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do purchase cute things on my own. I was hoping that Memebox would do cute things ~ many people do purchase the boxes in hopes of finding gifts for their loved ones, so I am not alone here. I purchased this box before I knew of the disaster of MCW3. My other 2 cute boxes are bundled and I cannot cancel them without effecting the other box.


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