Unboxing Rainbow Honey November 2014 Mystery Bag!

I subscribe to the monthly Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag and have done so since earlier this year.   Rainbow Honey is a indie company that specializes in nail polishes, but also has branched out to perfumes and creams.    “Each Mystery Bag has sneak peaks and previews of new lacquers, unreleased samples of future collections and exciting new products made by the Rainbow Honey Lab!”     Since this is the November bag, I wonder if Rainbow Honey will do a winter like theme?   Let’s find out!

Informational card explaining what is in the mystery bag


The Goods

From left to right: Lemon Honey lip balm, Frozen Flame cuticle oil, Aurora, Grayscale, Frozen Flame Perfume Oil, Frozen Flame Hand Sanitizer

Aurora  (5 mL) ~ Inspired by the Aurora Borealis, this gleaming glitter polish with green and blue fluorescent hues,  is packed with silver, gold, diamond dust, shimmers & pigments.     This is just so beautiful.  It is an icy teal with so much shimmer and shine ~ it truly encapsulates the frozen beauty of an Aurora Borealis.  The polish is smooth to the touch when it dries, as the glitter is not chunky but very fine.


Grayscale (5 mL) ~ A modern graphite lacquer packed with white crushed diamond and silver glitters.  Grayscale is part of an upcoming collection scheduled for next year.  Another hit with me.  I think this is just a beautiful subdued charcoal shimmer and it works well with Auroa.   I love dark grey nailpolishes and this is the time of year where I really go darker on my nails.  Just like Aurora, this polish has fine glitter, so it is smooth to the touch.

Lemon Honey Nourishing Lip Balm (.15 oz) ~ this smells  and tastes like a lemon-honey cough drop without the medicine taste.  I really like this a lot.  I will never have to purchase a lip balm EVER again in my life so long I sub to makeup boxes.   I have so many lip balms and only one pair of lips!

The next 3 items are scented in “Frozen Flame” ~  “It is a warm and  exotic blend of hibiscus, plumeria, aloe vera, & glistening cassis petals”  It is very floral-y and I am not sure yet if I like it.  I do not find this to be a winter scent, which Rainbow Honey describes as being “perfect for winter”.    This is more of a spring/summer scent.   I like my winter scents to be spicy, not floral.

Frozen Flame Cuticle Oil (15 mL) ~   I love their cuticle oil, regardless of the scent.  I am so happy that it is full size

Frozen Flame Perfume Oil Rollerball (4 mL)  Warm & exotic blend of hibiscus, plumeria, aloe vera, & glistening cassis petals.

Frozen Flame Hand Sanitizer (1/4 oz) ~ no offense to Rainbow Honey, but I have SO many hand sanitizers and I cannot use them all.   I am not sure why I don’t use these products that much.  Maybe because I wash my hands already? 



It was so difficult to really capture the beauty of Aurora and Grayscale in photos, especially Aurora.    Aurora is the green-teal and Grayscale is the charcoal polish.  The following swatches are two coats of nailpolish.




Both of these colors are very wintery to me ~ Aurora is a celebration of the cold blue-green beauty of ice and snow and Grayscale represents the short days, long nights of the cold dark winter ~ to me, at least.   I am still not sure of the Frozen Flame scent.   It is too bright, too floral-y to be a winter like scent and I am still debating if I like it or not.  I do like the lip balm flavor this month ~ lemon and honey ~ can’t go wrong!!  This month’s mini bag had two full sized products ~ the lip balm and cuticle oil ~ Not bad!

Did you get Rainbow Honey’s Mystery Bag this month?  What did you think of it?


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