Unboxing ABCDEat Pouch!

A fellow MUT board member (makeuptalk.com) has branched out and created her own subscription box, which is an Asian Snack/Food box.  Genie and her partner call it ABCDEat and currently,  you have to order each item separately as they do not have a normal subscription automatic fee.

About ABCDEat

ABCDEat stands for Asian Box Can Do Eat (It), and we are a Hong Kong-based online store where we gather snacks from all over Asia to add into our boxes, and ship them directly to your doorstep.

ABCDEat provides both a monthly service, as well as boxes that you can order at any time. We also have some special promotions during the weekends!!!

The advantage of ABCDEat being located in Hong Kong, is that Hong Kong is an international city, and we can find snacks from all over the world here! We know that everyone loves snacks, especially all the Asian goodies, so we would like to share this food experience with you too!

At ABCDEat, we’re committed to bringing you only the best – we’ll make sure it’s worth the wait!!


I have already received my Dinner 4 One and this item is my Friday Pouch Special.  So far, it looks like ABCDEat is offering a smaller treat bag, called Pouch,  for $8.99, which includes shipping.   I don’t know if they will be releasing a Friday Pouch every Friday, but I would be interested in having that option available to me.

image from https://www.facebook.com/ABCDEat


In addition to our ABCDEat Boxes, we are now going to offer you ABCDEat Pouches!!! For just $8.99 (that’s less than half the price of our usual boxes), you are now able to try a few of our products out!! Each pouch will contain four types of foods, including both savory and sweet items, and we will even pay for your shipping!!! Order fast, because they’re only available this weekend!!!


This pouch didn’t have an informational card, so I am going to be guessing at one of these items ~ thru my own taste test, of course!!

left to right, clockwise::  Bub Bub Cola candy, Prawn crackers, Plum Lollipop candy, Custard Jelly


Bub Bub Cola Candy ~ these are hard candies with a fizzy center and are supposed to taste  like coca cola.  I have not yet tried these yet, as I am currently working on another candy in this bag!  However, I have read that these are a fan favorite, so I will try them out tomorrow.

Prawn Crackers Original flavoring ~ these are crispy chips made with wheat flour and prawns as the main ingredients!  I love shrimp and these do have a strong shrimp scent to them.  The taste is not as strong, but the smell is ~ reminds me of fish food ~ hahaha!  I am not squeamish about these things, so I held my breath and started to munch down ~ they are very crispy and crunchy, a much harder texture than a Funyun and they are a nice savory crisp.

Plum Lollipop candy ~ this is my guess and I hope someone can verify it for me.  These are hard sugar candies, like a lollipop, with a salted plum in the center!  I actually like salted plums and this has a great salt-sweet taste to it.    This takes a while to eat, and as the candy rolls around inside of your mouth, the plum becomes more soft and the saltiness of it becomes more obvious.  These actually contain the plum pit, so do not crunch down on these with your teeth, as you will damage your teeth. I LOVE THESE.    I need MORE OF THESE.  I think I guessed this correctly and I hope ABCDEat will confirm this for me 🙂

Custard jellies ~ these are like mini flans.  I’ve had these before and I do like them a lot.


The Friday Pouch was really fun to try and not bad for a total of $8.99.   I enjoyed trying to guess what the candies are and I hope I guessed correctly or at least was in the ballpark with them!   Check out ABCDEat at  https://www.facebook.com/ABCDEat.  



[ descriptions in italics from https://www.facebook.com/ABCDEat ]


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