Solstice Scents Indie Perfumery review


This review is WAY overdue.  I purchased many samples back in September from them and then recently picked up another item in their recent release.  You can see in the above picture my original order in September that I had taken a photo of.  This review will focus on the two perfumes that I love the most and reach for over and over again.

I do love the way Solstice Scents adds these wonderful “postcards” in the orders with beautiful drawings and artwork.  Their website is full of these wonderful drawings and you should just take a look at them.   I wish they would sell some of them as prints or actual postcards.  The print drawings here are NOT from their website, however.

From their Autumn Collection

THORNWOOD THICKET: Sugared Blackberries, Black Agarwood, Aloeswood, Sweet and Smokey Guaiacwood & Amber.  This perfume is a wonderful dry, woodsy scent with sweet blackberries lurking in the background.  I love how it dries down to that intense wood scent with deep dark juicy berries.   I think this is a good scent for those of us who don’t like really floral-y scents but also cannot handle overly sweet fruity scents.    The marriage of smokey woods with dark berry notes is perfect in this perfume.     I find that there is a hint of exotic in this scent as well, with the resinous agarwood and amber. 

Wild Blackberry 1945 Era Botanical Print

An impenetrable entanglement of thick brambles and dangerously sharp thorny branches housing large sweet blackberries that are practically to the bursting point of ripeness. The scent is that of a sweet blackberry paired with exotic incensey woods. The dry down smells like a wonderful dark berry incense!

Thornwood Thicket is a blend of blackberry, black agarwood, aloeswood, sweet and smokey guaiacwood and golden amber.  It starts out more powerfully blackberry with a small touch of a grape note, but it doesn’t take long for that to tone down and the woods to softly come out. The wood components do get stronger over time, especially after it has been on the skin for a while. The blackberry has tremendous staying power, though it does take a back seat to the woods. There is no fake berry smell here on the dry down but rather a dark, rich berry note coupled with exotic incensey woods. This is a very nice morpher and one that begs for a skin test (do not judge it on cold sniff as the true delicious blackberry note is not as apparent this way!).


From their  Foxcroft’s Autumn Festival Collection

SMOKEWOOD APIARY: Smoked Honey, Creamed Honey, Beeswax, Amber, Wooden Frames, Ginger & Vanilla.  Contains Synthetic Honey and Beeswax notes only.  This starts out with a strong smoky scent that reminds me of Cherry Pipe Tobacco, with its deep amber and sweet honey tone.   It dries down to a lesser smoky scent, and the ginger and vanilla start to come thru.   Truly a lovely scent and it can be uni-sex.  

Smokewood Apiary & Bee Co. produces a variety of honey and beeswax products.  They offer pure filtered honey, delicious creamed honey, ginger honey, vanilla bean honey, beeswax tapers and votives, bee pollen and their unique and special artisan smoked honey, which is only available during the Autumn Festival season.  This fragrance seeks to capture a variety of honeyed notes from the pure honey to creamed honey to warm beeswax to the special smoked honey.  It also contains wood notes to represent the wooden frames of the hive, a variety of smoke notes for not only the smoked honey but also the chimney smoke carried on the wind, ginger from the spicy ginger honey and vanilla from the vanilla bean infused honey.  Smokewood Apiary features a variety of golden ambers that ground the blend to prevent it from leaning too cloyingly sweet. 

This fragrance is a very smoky, woody honeyed amber blend that has a similar character to our Conjure fragrance due to the sweet, smoky, woody, spice and amber notes used in both fragrances.  It is best enjoyed on a cold day where smoky fragrances shine best.  The cold air carries the smoke notes around you in a way that is not possible in mild climes.   Smokewood Apiary is a unisex fragrance


Here is some of the artwork that was included in my order


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