Unboxing ABCDEat Dinner 4 One Box

A fellow MUT board member (makeuptalk.com) has branched out and created her own subscription box, which is an Asian Snack/Food box.  Genie and her partner call it ABCDEat and currently,  you have to order each item separately as they do not have a normal subscription automatic fee.

About ABCDEat

ABCDEat stands for Asian Box Can Do Eat (It), and we are a Hong Kong-based online store where we gather snacks from all over Asia to add into our boxes, and ship them directly to your doorstep.

ABCDEat provides both a monthly service, as well as boxes that you can order at any time. We also have some special promotions during the weekends!!!

The advantage of ABCDEat being located in Hong Kong, is that Hong Kong is an international city, and we can find snacks from all over the world here! We know that everyone loves snacks, especially all the Asian goodies, so we would like to share this food experience with you too!

At ABCDEat, we’re committed to bringing you only the best – we’ll make sure it’s worth the wait!!


I ordered a few items, Green Food, Friday Pouch and the Christmas box, as well as this one ~ Dinner 4 One

image from https://www.facebook.com/ABCDEat


Don’t know what to cook when you’re home alone? Throw away those boring leftovers, and stir up an easy yet delicious meal for one with this Dinner 4 One Box from ABCDEat! This Box contains enough to set you off with a four-course meal, and you can also try the delicacies of Asia!!


I could pick between Chicken Curry or Seafood Flavour for the rice, but they ran out and offered me Udon Noodles instead, which is fine ~ I am a huge fan of Udon Noddles!  It took well over a week to get to me, but it is finally here!

Informational Card ~ So happy to see this, as it helps with how to prepare the items.

left to right, clockwise:: Ottogi Cream Soup, Torto Powdered Black Sesame Dessert, Udon Noodles

Ottogi Cream Soup -~ There were 4 different flavors and I received the mushroom soup, which I am happy about, as I love a good cream of mushroom soup.   This actually makes 4 servings.

Udon Noodles ~ I love Udon Noodles.  I do not know what flavoring these noodles are, but when I make these, I will prepare them the way I normally do with Udon noodles ~ chopping up some scallions, radishes, cilantro and slicing a hard boiled egg and adding them to the noodle/soup mix after it is cooked.   Udon noodles are thick chewy noodles made from wheat flour.

Torto Powdered Black Sesame Dessert – This is an item I am most excited to try out.  I love sesame and this sounds like a gel/pudding type of dessert

left to right, clockwise from top:: Chinese Chewy Candy Black Sesame, Dai Pai Dong 3-In-1 Yuan Yang, Dai Pai Dong Roasted Rice Tea, Orihiro Apple Jelly, Chinese Chewy Candy Peanut


Chinese Chewy Candy ~ peanut and black sesame.  I tried both flavors out and the peanut reminds me of peanut brittle taste wise, without the hard brittle and the black sesame is not that sweet as the peanut, but it has a nice roasted, smokey flavor.  The sesame is more of a savory candy to me.

Orihiro Apple Jelly ~ I LOVE these Asian Jellies.  I have had them in the past~ lichee, grape, grapefruit, mango.  I haven’t had apple and I did eat one ~ it reminds me of a Apple Jolly Rancher (taste wise).   All you have to do is just tear open the top and then just squeeze out the jelly into your mouth.  It is a strange experience if you have never tried one of these before, but it is fun. 

Dai Pai Dong Roasted Rice Tea ~ I love green tea and this has roasted rice grains in it.  I am looking forward to trying this tea out

Dai Pai Dong 3-In-1 Yuan Yang ~ This is 3 parts coffee and 7 parts Hong Kong style milk tea and it is just delicious! I made it this morning instead of my normal coffee.  I can taste the milk tea sweetness primarily and the coffee is lurking behind it.   I will have to see if my local Asian markets carry a version of this or if I can order it online.  This is a HUGE hit with me.

left to right::  Meiji Petit Chocolate, Edo Umaibo Corn Snack


Meiji Petit Assort Chocolates ~ I tried these out ~ meh ~ I don’t like the texture of them that much ~ very smooth, like candy trying to be a chocolate. 

Edo Umaibo Corn Snack ~ I showed these to my co-worker, who is originally from Hong Kong, and she said that the character on the package is a famous cartoon character in Asian.  Just a fun tidbit to share.  These have the texture of a Cheeto Puff but they are slightly sweet in taste, which threw me off initially.  I finally nailed down what they taste like to me ~ CREAMED CORN!!!  Yep, these are creamed corn puffs!   I do like these now that I am used to the taste 😀

The Dinner 4 One box was pretty jammed packed with lots of items and I like how it was curated ~ some of these items I would have never thought to try out myself!   This box is still available for sale at https://www.facebook.com/ABCDEat.  This box was $14.00 + $6.99 shipping (airmail).    If you want tracking, it would be $9.50 for registered mail.  I plan to purchase from ABCDEat as they release boxes that I am interested in 🙂  One thing I would recommend is having the Informational Card not glued to the box ~ I would like to keep them in case I wish to look for the items here locally.



Udon Noodle Dish

The bowl comes with 3 packages ~ the noodles, a soy-like sauce and toppings/seasonings.   I also sliced up some fresh radishes, scallions, cilantro and hard boiled eggs to make this more of a dinner

Instructions:  Add noodles only to bowl, add hot water, stir noodles to break them up, cover.  Let rest for several minutes.  Drain water from noodles, add more hot water to rinse and drain.  Add soy-like sauce and toppings/seasonings


With fresh ingredients added


[ descriptions in italics from https://www.facebook.com/ABCDEat ]


2 thoughts on “Unboxing ABCDEat Dinner 4 One Box

  1. I have ordered two of the snack packages and the Christmas box.
    I’m on the fence about the dinner box. I really would like to see photos of the cooked meal, but I guess soup looks like soup no matter where you get it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad I got Udon noodles as I love them! They have a Green Food box, and Genie did a sneak peek on it – it will have Matcha Kit Kat in them! I have had them before and I love them! I had to order another Green Food box because of that – lol


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