Unboxing Winter 2014 Fortune Cookie Soap Box – Old Fashioned Family Christmas

Fortune Cookie Soap company offers a quarterly box subscription at $19.99 per quarter. This box is the Winter 2014 and its theme is “Old Fashioned Family Christmas”, which is based on the classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie – I did a sneak peak review here and now I have the box!!  I really like the mindless comedy of Christmas Vacation and hope this box will have some fun with the movie themes.


Informational Card explaining all of the wonderful products included in this box





From left to right, going counter clockwise, starting at the upper left hand side

Bend Over & I’ll Show You Whipped Cream  There were 4 different scents and I received “Bend Over & I’ll Show You”   ~Where do you think you’re going to put a tree that big?  I’ve got an idea!”  Tart cranberry, crisp pine and herbal spruce warmed by clove and a splash of sweet mandarin orange.   This is a wonderful scent ~ I can smell the cranberry and orange initially and then the pine scent just lurking underneath.   This reminds me of going out on a brisk, sunny day, with the snow all around, picking out a tree in the Christmas Tree lot.   I think out of the four scents, I got the most festive Christmas-y one.

Christmas Bonus Deep Conditioner This is a deep conditioner for the hair and FCS’s third annual mystery fragrance.   I have some ideas behind this one.  Email FCS with your best guess and the winner will received a $50.00 FCS gift certificate!

I Pledge Allegiance, Amen Shower Steamer  ~They want you to say the damn grace…! A brisk and oudoorsy blend of blue spruce and balsam fir, fresh mint and garden herbs.   This is a very woodsy scent with a touch of mint.   This is probably my favorite scent of the bunch!   Will have to check out their site to see what other products come in this scent.   This is a shower steamer and you just put this on the floor of your shower, turn on the water, and instant aromatherapy! 

Moose Mug Cuticle Butter  This was in an unlabeled jar, but I figured it out – lol.  ~ Can I refill your egg nog..?   Rich cream, egg and a touch of nutmeg.  I do like FCS cuticle butters and this does smell like a very sweet egg-noggy scent. 

Sparky Hydrate Me  Scrumptious vanilla pumpkin waffles topped with brown sugar, pecans and sheets of fresh whipped cream  God, I just get hungry reading their descriptions.  I am not sure about pumpkin, but I can smell the pecans and it reminds me of pecan pie!  It is not as sparkley as the sneak peek photo, which is good, as I don’t need glitter all over my body.  This is in a cute old-fashioned Christmas bulb shape.  Hydrate me is a solid body butter than you rub on your skin while it is still damp from your shower/bath.  I suggest putting it in the refrigerator when it is not in use as it does melt.

Mele Kelekimaka OCD Hand Sanitizer  I think I am probably the only FCS customer that no longer wants OCD’s in their quarterly boxes.  Once a year, please.  I cannot go thru the ones I have!!   This one will be gifted/traded, as it contains jasmine.    Tropical spiced rum, Tahitian vanilla, sprinkled with jasmine petals and twisted woods

Fried Pussycat Whipped Soap  I loved whipped soap!!  I cannot use this one!!!  Jasmine again…If they have I Pledge Allegiance, Amen in the whipped soap, I will pick that up.   Juicy plum and whipped caramel wrapped in artisan bourbon vanilla and jasmine blossoms

Tis the Season to be Mary Fortune Cookie Soap  ~Buy this for your wife…God rest her soul… A hint of sweet almond with warm swirls of tobacco.  Until I read the scent description, I could not place it.  But now I can smell the almonds and the warm hint of tobacco.  I really like this scent as well and this is my 2nd favorite scent.  It is very light and subtle. 

I thought that FCS did a very nice job with the scents for the Winter box this year ~ last year’s Winter Box was more about the movie (Nightmare Before Christmas) and I didn’t feel the “Holiday” spirit in that box.  This box, I do.  Other than the OCD (which is no great loss, because I have too many of them) and the whipped soap, I will use all of these products!  FCS Winter Launch Party is on November 21st 6:30 CST where all of these scents + more will be available.

Do you subscribe to Fortune Cookie Soap Box?  What did you think of this theme for the Winter 2014 box?


[ descriptions in italics are from FCS]


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