Winter 2014 Fortune Cookie Soap Box Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek into Fortune Cookie Soap’s Winter 2014 Soap Box!  This box will be shipping out on November 3rd

 The Winter Soap Box ships in 26 days!!!!! #winterbox#OldFashionedFamilyChristmas #FCS


OMG – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!  I love the Griswolds!

2nd Sneak Peek

Hey there Fortune Freaks! With yet another eventful CYO event behind us, it’s time to focus again on the upcoming Winter Soap Box!

**Happy Dance!** Today: a photo clue!  Can you guess the scent name we’ve given to this delicious scent in your winter box? Based on the clue, what do you think it smells like? What product do you hope has this scent?



 Could it be EGGNOG??? 

“Moose Mug” Cuticle Butter – “Can I refill your eggnog…?”  Description: Rich cream, egg, and a touch of nutmeg.


3rd Sneak Peak


“SQUIRREL!” Whipped Cream – Hand-made with a “special” low cholesterol recipe.  Description: A festive blend of apples, plums, and sun-ripened strawberries dancing with zests of orange and topped off with a splash of lime.

Who’s as ecstatic about that one as we are?! We know, we know… on to the next (since guessing games are AWESOME)!

4th Sneak Peek

So far we’ve seen moose-shaped glass mugs and squirrels in the house… sounds like the holidays to us! We’ve been super busy not only putting together amazing scents for your winter box, but a NEW PRODUCT (two, in fact, OMG) as well!

Here’s the next photo hint for you! What do you suppose we’ve whipped up for you now? How about its name??? The answer will be revealed soon!

“Fried Pussy Cat” Whipped Soap! Scent Description: Creamy whipped caramel and juicy plums play in jasmine blossoms and artisan vanilla bourbon.

5th Sneak Peek



If you want to save $5.00 on your next $30.00 purchase at Fortune Cookie Soap,  please use my referral link ( before placing an order at FCS!

 Are you looking forward to the Winter Box?  Please comment below and also let me know what your favorite FCS collection was!


[all images and descriptions in italics from Fortune Cookie Soap ]



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