Unboxing October 2014 BirchBox

October was another “pick a sample” month, where Birchbox allows you to pick one sample of your choice from a list of a few choices.  I went with the ModelCo lipstick in Kitty.  I have cats, the color looked nice, nuff said.

This month’s theme looks to be “Fanfare”

“Forget we ever said couch potato was a dirty word. This is the best time of year to settle in for some quality viewing, reading, or listening. Whether you’re excited about blockbuster season, geeking out about fall TV premieres, or searching for a new soundtrack, everyone has a fan in them. That’s why this month we’re taking beauty inspiration from our favorite leading ladies in pop culture. “

?? I am so confused ??  Are these products endorsed by celebs?  I don’t see anything on the card that states that.  Oh well, whatever…moving on.

My Box Revealed!

From left to right

dr brant pores no more vacuum cleaner.   Okay, this is actually a gentle facial mask that helps clean out your pores and tightens them, without any abrasive ingredients.  I probably will get 2 uses out of this mask.

What:  This at-home treatment from celeb dermatologist Dr. Brandt uses silicone dioxide, a natural mineral powder that draws out sebum and dirt like a magnet. Proven blemish-busters salicylic and glycolic acid work to de-gunk pores, while ejitsu rose tightens them after the fact.

How to Use: Here’s the fun part: Two to three times a week, apply a thin layer of gel to affected areas after cleansing. Let dry 5–10 minutes—or until it turns a chalky hue. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. In about two weeks you’ll be all, “Blackheads? What blackheads?”


Bee Kind Honey Body Lotion   Well, it is too small of a sample for a body lotion, but I will use it as a hand lotion! I like the scent a lot on this ~ very light, lemon verbena scent.  I am a sucker for hand creams/lotions made of honey and this one also has chamomile.

What: This fast-absorbing formula comes to you free of parabens, phthalates, petrol-derived ingredients, mineral oil, urea, DEA, TEA, and propylene glycol, but chock full of proven hydrators like honey, organic chamomile, and Brassica plant extract. In place of petrochemicals, there’s good old-fashioned soybean and cottonseed oil for an added moisture boost. On the eco-friendly front, a portion of the proceeds from every BeeKind™ purchase goes toward the Honey Bee Research Program at the University of California at Davis, and, on top of that, the packaging is recyclable.

Ingredients: food-grade, naturally derived USP glycerin, natural conditioning agents from honey and the Brassica plant, soybean and cottonseed oil

ModelCo Party Proof lipstick in Kitty  This was my “pick” and I am glad I got it!  It is a sheer soft pink and it is a semi-matte lipstick.  It is very hydrating and it smells like grape bubble gum!! haha  I do like this shade a lot.

Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Carnauba Wax, Glerceryl Tricaprylate-Caprate, Bees Wax, Ethyl Hexyl, Palmitate, Microcrystalline Wax, Castor Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Fragrance, Aloe Barbadensis, Tocopheryl Acetate, May Contain (+/-): CI77891, CI99482, CI77491, CI77499, CI77019, CI454102, CI420902, CI15985:1, CI15850:1, CI15850, CI19140:1

With Flash:  Swatch of ModelCo lipstick in Kitty

Harvey Prince in Petaly Noir  ugh.  I have stated that I do not want perfume samples ~ no more than 6 per year ~ and they are just bombarding me with perfume samples.   And ugh on the scent.  Jasmine.  Allergic.  As always, the other notes are great, but then some genius has to add jasmine.

What: Opening notes of jasmine, tropical orchid, and lily of the valley give way to sandalwood, amber, and patchouli for an elegant, woody floral scent. Hints of vanilla and musk add warmth and depth

Lord & Berry Paillettes Glitter Eye Pencil in Black  Damn.  I purposely picked the ModelCo lipstick because I didn’t WANT THIS ONE.  This item was our other choice and I loathe Lord & Berry’s eye pencils. And it is black.  I got a fucking black eyeliner pencil last month.  Oh wait, this is glittery.  Well, excuse me, so now, a glittery black eye pencil that will smudge and run all over the place…yeah, that makes a big difference!  not.  As you can tell, not loving this item.  And no, not sampling, as it is going in my trade/swap pile

What: This richly pigmented pencil glides on smooth, and the long-lasting, smudgeproof formula stays firmly in place all day (or evening) long. Minute pieces of glitter add an unmistakable sparkle for a glamorous, but not overdone, finish.

No, sorry, their pencils are NOT SMUDGEPROOF.

I am cheesed off at Birchbox for sending me, two months in A ROW, a black eyeliner and a perfume sample (when perfume samples are only to be sent to me 6 times a year).  The lipstick is very nice and the dr brant and BeeKind lotion are okay.  A bit of boring box with 2 items that make me mad ~ as I had received perfume and black eyeliner LAST month.  Let’s hope November is better.

Do you subscribe to Birchbox?  What did you get this month and what was your favorite item?

If you want to subscribe to Birchbox, I would love it if you used my referral link   https://www.birchbox.com/invite/biancardi

[ descriptions in italics from birchbox.com and product websites ]


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