DIY Project: Peppermint-Clove Lemon Salt Foot Scrub

I love my feet.  I have lotions, foot peeling masks, hydrating feet masks, pumice stones, filers and foot scrubs.  I love to lavish all sorts of nourishing and moisturizing products on my feet, as they have carried me thru my life for a while now and I hope they will continue to carry me around for a time longer.   I also go through my foot products quickly because I am obsessive with my feet ~ I think the reason why I love foot products is that many of them have lemon or minty scents to them, which are scents I love!  

So, when I found this recipe for a DIY foot scrub on EssieButton’s blog,, I needed to try it out just to see how well this worked.   EssieButton did give exact measurements for the ingredients, but I did change them a bit.

Here is what you need

Woops!  Forgot to put the lemon in the group shot

I added 1 cup of salt initially and then the 1/2 cup of almond oil.  It looked very liquid-y, so I added another 3/4 cup of salt to firm it up.  I added the rest of the ingredients ~ lemon zest and peppermint oil as well as clove oil ~ to the salt/almond oil mixture.  I love peppermint’s refreshing properties, but I also wanted to add a little warmth to this scrub, due to the cooler fall months.  Also, clove oil is a great anti-fungal and antibacterial product, which your feet can use year-round.


My lemon zest pieces are pretty large ~ I couldn’t find my official zester, so this was hand chopped.   I did try this scrub two ways:

  1. While I am taking a shower.  Not recommended.  Why?  Because the salt just melts off before you have a chance to rub it in
  2. Chill the scrub first by leaving it in the refrigerator and then sitting on the edge of the tub, using this scrub on clean, dry feet.  Then rinse off.  This is the recommendation I will make, as the scrub, when chilled, solidifies the oil, which makes it easier to handle.  Using it on clean, dry feet without any running water ensures that the salt doesn’t melt away and you can scrub your feet, while moisturizing it with the almond oil

Would I make this again?   Honestly, due to the expense of the almond oil, I would want to use another oil that is less expensive.   I like the salt and oil scrubs, but I prefer to scrub my feet while I am taking a shower, and this scrub doesn’t lend itself to that.   I will stick with my other foot scrubs for now, but this is a nice foot scrub to use….just not when you are showering.  I did like the brightness of the peppermint mingled with the warmth and woody scent of the cloves.

Many, many thanks to EssieButton for publishing this DIY Salt Scrub.  Are you going to try this scrub out?  Let me know in the comments how you did and if you made any enhancements/adjustments to the recipe!




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