Unboxing September 2014 Starlooks Starbox

Starlooks Looksbook for September was very romantic, very lush.    September’s theme is “Here Comes the Bride”  ~ big, fat and wide…sorry, couldn’t resist – hahaha – for those who remember the movie Sixteen Candles, you will get it! ~ 1:36 below in the vid

Seriously though, the Starlooks models are totally beautiful and stunning…

It’s that vintage, white lace mermaid dress. That 70′s, classic rock softly pumping in the background. That twinkling look from your newly-wed’s or wedding date’s eyes that completely affirms the reason why you two are standing there together. That indescribable blissfulness – that you once only dreamed of happening when you were a little girl – that is finally coming to fruition in front of your very eyes. It is undeniable. In this very moment you are exactly where you are supposed to be, with exactly whom you are supposed to be with.

We all know how overwhelming any big day can be! Some things have been planned literally months in advance, some things are simply out of your control. Other things miraculously fall right into place – there have to be a few of those right? But there is one thing, without fail, you know you will always have the fortune to show off – getting all pampered up and enhancing your naturally beautiful features. This enchanting wedding season, Starlooks wants you to have it all on your special day – whenever/whatever it may be.You should feel like a star, so don’t hold back on looking like one.

Let that gorgeous face and striking smile steal the spotlight, and have your compelling look complement every ounce of happiness you feel.

Well, I am momentarily speechless from reading THAT description.  As I was a tomboy as a little girl, I protest 😉

This is what I received



Starting from the bottom middle and going clockwise

Roseate Lip Pencil   This is a matte lip liner/pencil and is in a soft mauve rose.  I had been looking at it at the Starlooks shop for a long time now, and I am glad that they sent it in a box 😀    However, my lip product had moved outwards and was totally smooshed and very damaged.   Starlooks is sending me a new one, because the heat melted this product.  “Starlooks’ long-lasting, full-coverage Lip Liner enhances the shape of your lips and gives them perfect contour and definition, with high-end quality you’ve never before experienced. This creamy, moisturizing formula glides on softly to smooth lips and ensure lipstick stays in place, while extending its wear. Can also be used as an allover, highly-pigmented lip color.” Value $12.00

Oracle Kohl Eye Pencil   I have never received Starlooks Kohl pencils before and this is a such a beautiful golden color, that reminds me of a dragonfly’s wings.  It is sparkly, but not as sparkly as the Gem eyeliners.     Again, mine was damaged due to the heat ~ so Starlooks will be sending me another one.    “Dramatically emphasize your eyes with Starlooks’ intensely-pigmented Kohl Eye pencils! These ultra-soft liners glide across delicate lids without pulling. Try a smokey effect by blending outwards with a fluffy brush! Each extremely creamy Kohl Liner can also be used as a base on the entire lid.”  Value $12.00

Starlooks Lashes It was inevitable that Starlooks would send out their falsies in a box this year.  I hope this is the only time for the whole year.   “Each full set of lashes includes a mini-adhesive applicator, and a durable case. Lashes, when well cared for, can be worn up to ten full uses. Range from very light, to extra full in thickness, and short to long in length. ”  Value $13.00

Tan Glow Single Eye Shadow A warm deep antique gold-bronze color in a satin finish.   I love this color!  “With majestic mattes, stunning satins, superb sparkles, and marvelous mattes with sparkle, Starlooks offers 63 pro-quality, deeply pigmented, incredibly smooth eye shadows available in beautiful finishes. “  Value $12.00


I had to dig into the cap of the eyeliner to get that shade out and the lipliner was already a mess on my hands, as the product dumped right into them when I took off the cap!

Swatches with flash: (1)  Tan Glow Eyeshadow  (2) Roseate Lip Pencil  (3) Oracle Kohl Eye Pencil

Swatches in natural daylight:  (1)  Tan Glow Eyeshadow  (2) Roseate Lip Pencil  (3) Oracle Kohl Eye Pencil

September Starblast


The total value of this box was $49.00 and I paid $17.68.   I guess I should try falsies, I have a few pair from my Korean boxes (Memebox) and now these.   I love these colors and I am glad that Starlooks will be sending out replacements for my melted items.   I will use the black eyeliner from August’s box, along with the blush, to complete the look 🙂   Did you subscribe to Starlooks Starbox?  If so, what did you think of this month’s box?  Did any of your items come melted?   Let me know in the comments!  I love to “hear” from my readers 😀


If you would like to subscribe to the Starlooks Starbox, I would love it if you used my referrer link – please click here  http://starbox.starlooks.com/subscribe?refer=58876


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