How to Starve a Troll

Food for thought….

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troll Image via Flickr user christoph.grothaus

For as long as there have been blogs, there have been trolls. A troll is a commenter who hangs around your blog for the sheer purpose of annoying and goading you and your other readers.

Trolling is quite different from merely being critical. Obviously, not all of your readers are going to agree with you about everything, but a troll’s comments will rarely have anything to do with the topic at hand. For example, say you review a certain book you like. Someone might comment that she thinks it is an overrated work and doesn’t understand why anyone likes it. That’s not trolling. Even a comment as abrupt as “I’ve always hated that book” isn’t trolling, because, while it’s not particularly interesting, it’s at least a response to what you’ve written.

A troll, on other hand, is not actually trying to express anything. Rather, a…

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2 thoughts on “How to Starve a Troll

  1. You have a wonderful, informative, and entertaining blog with a positive attitude in your reviews. You are witty and extremely intelligent. Anyone who trolls your blog is a psycho!

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    1. thank you!! There was some trouble earlier today. Not the first time. It happens quite a bit with bloggers, as I chatted with my other blogger friends about this. The trolls need a life, but they want mine!!


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