Unboxing Rainbow Honey September 2014 Mystery Bag!

Rainbow Honey is a indie company that specializes in nail polishes, but also has branched out to perfumes and creams.    “Each Mystery Bag has sneak peaks and previews of new lacquers, unreleased samples of future collections and exciting new products made by the Rainbow Honey Lab!”    

Informational card explaining what is in the mystery bag


Once again, a fun bag with lots of surprises 🙂

  • Pomme Rouge Hand Soap (.5 oz)   Pomme Rouge means Red Apples, which I would have thought this would have been a warm apple scent with cinnamon.  Nope, it is a bright apple scent with berries, invoking memories of the last few summer days (Indian Summer, I guess…)   It is a lovely scent and the soap is in a cute heart shape in a pale translucent red.
  • Asteroid B (5mL ) – A beautiful sparkling blue grey shimmer nailpolish.  This is not the blue-blue that you see in the bottle ~ when applied, it is more blue-grey.  Just so pretty with its silver and gold shimmers.  I will want a full size of this polish!
  • Salacia  (5 mL) –  This is a very emerald green topper with big glitter chunks.  I wanted green for September, but was thinking along the lines of a hunter green ~ still hoping that we get one.  This is more appropriate for spring/summer months, so this won’t get used until next year.
  • Sugarberries  (5mL) – OMG.  THE FALL GLITTER that I have been waiting for.  This is a deep red, with lots of glitter and shimmer.  It is like a plum glitterbomb!!  Perfect for fall.  This is a winner
  • Pomme Rouge Body Lotion ( 1/4 oz) – This is the same wonderful bright berry-apple scent in a body lotion, enriched with aloe.  
  • Pomme Rouge Body Balm (.15oz)  – I do not know the difference between a body lotion and body balm ~ I suppose it is that the balm is a solid and the lotion is not.  This  is, however, great to put in my purse ~ a very handy size.

Paper Swatches:

With Flash:  Asteroid B, Salacia, Sugerberries

I really am happy that 2 of the colors were more fallish ~ Sugarberries is AMAZING and Asteroid B is a beautiful grey-blue.    The bright emerald green was a bit too summery for me.  Also, the new scent of Apples and Berries was just lovely ~ I love apples and all of that.   It is more a transition scent as it still reminds one of the lingering last warm summer days ~ berries ~ before the cooler fall temperatures arrives ~ apples.

Did you get Rainbow Honey’s Mystery Bag this month?  What did you think of it?


5 thoughts on “Unboxing Rainbow Honey September 2014 Mystery Bag!

  1. I got the large sized bag, and the body balm is much larger than a lip balm size. I plan to use mine as an on the go hand moisturizer when it’s not feasible to carry a container of hand lotion. I got 4 full sized nail colors too, but you have shown the prettiest colors. The other one is a reddish pink, more pink than red. I don’t remember the name of it off hand, too lazy to go look. I LOVE apple scented things.. I got about 6 oz. of body lotion. Really a lovely selection this month. I love my products. 🙂
    Rainbow Honey is becoming my favorite recurring sub box. I love their products so much!!


    1. I keep thinking I need to upgrade to the large bag, and not the mini, and then I look at my nailpolish collection!! haha I love the mini’s. Just enough to keep my magpie tendencies happy and I don’t get bored. On occasion, if I really love a color, I will purchase the full size ~ there are 2 here that I will purchase full size, Asteroid B and Sugarberries 🙂 I have to do my nails with sugarberries this weekend ~ it is so fall like

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  2. I wonder if the lotion I got was from a junk batch…it smelled nothing like apples or the soap. Sweet but not fruity. I’m keeping it because it’s not offensive or unpleasant, but just kind of…blah. Or maybe it’s my nose that’s defective….. But I love the Asteroid B polish! It’s a little runny but oh so beeeautiful!!


    1. that is strange about your apple products! I would write them and ask about it. The Asteroid B is beautiful ~ I don’t mind it a bit runny; usually Rainbow Honey’s polishes are so thick! haha


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