June: Products I really like a lot!

During the month of May and into June, these are the items that are new to me and that I REALLY like a lot!!

My Citrus Zinger Water Bottle

I bought this from a fellow member at makeuptalk.com and I have to say – I use it daily. So much so, that while I was writing this up, my bottle was in the sink, waiting to be washed, so I used the picture from the zinganything.com site.  I have tried so many variations with my water bottle:

  • Cucumber slices and mint
  • Lemon and basil
  • Lemon and mint
  • Fresh ginger slices and mint
  • Raspberry and mint
  • Raspberry and lemon
  • Lime and mint….well, you get the picture

This is one of the best water bottles I’ve owned. I highly recommend it if you love to make flavored waters. This has helped me increase my water intake.   You can find it on amazon, ebay and of course, the official site here.  It retails for $16.99

When life gives you lemons, give it the Citrus Zinger. It’s so simple, so easy, and so tasty. Designed specifically for citrus fruits, Zing away with lemons, limes, clementines, and more.

The Citrus Zinger offers an easy way to extract juice and flavor from citrus fruits and infuse them directly into your water bottle. Creating delicious lemonades, limeades, and orangeades, the Citrus Zinger flavor infuser is great for the active, on-the-go water drinker. Take it to yoga, the office, and around town. Enrich your water with vitamin C and flavonoids, and let the Citrus Zinger take you to that sunny, perfect day you long for, every day.

 description from zinganything.com

LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Menatour


You can see that I’ve used this a bit, based on the messy & beat up pencil!!


I received this item from Birchbox and I was so happy!  I wasn’t sure if I wanted a purple lip crayon, but this is a sheer lovely violet that can build up nicely.  It is smooth  with shea butter and has a minty taste and scent.    I love this and it is my go-to lip color right now.    To purchase, you can find it at Birchbox here and retails for $18.00 for a full size.

Unlike some glosses that simply provide a nice shine, this lip lube channels softening shea butter, which moisturizes and fills in any unsightly lines, and is infused with refreshing mint. Available in an array of wearable, softly pigmented shades.

description from birchbox.com


With Flash:  LaQa & Co Menatour lip lube swatch



The next three products all work together.

MAKE Expert Stipple Brush #12


I could never have used the next 2 products without this brush, so that is why it comes first in this trio!  This makes applying creams and liquid colored tints to my face a breeze.  It blends everything beautifully and I can control how sheer or opaque I want my makeup to be.  I didn’t pay $42.00 for this – its retail value – as I had used my Birchbox points and gotten it for $15.00, but I will say this – it is WORTH $42.00!!  You can purchase it here.

A favorite of makeup artists, MAKE’s stippling brush can be used with any liquid or powder base makeup and creates an airbrushed finish.

How it Works::  Made with densely packed bristles, the brush swoops up pigment and evenly deposits it onto your skin. The round, angled shape helps you buff foundation into tricky spots (think: along your jaw line, the corners of your nose), while the glossy easy-to-grip handle ensures a goof-free application.
How to Use:: Pump a small drop of liquid foundation onto the back of your hand and pick up a small amount with the brush. Starting from center of your face, blend outwards with even motions. Continue blending into hairline and past jawline to avoid unsightly lines.
description from birchbox.com


Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint


I cannot pronounce Hauschka, but this is the best damn bronzer I have ever used.  It is not shiny or matte, it is a nice liquid and a little goes a long way.  I use my MAKE Stipple brush to apply it.  I can mix it with my Jouer Moisturizing Matte tint (a staple in my makeup arsenal), wear it alone or my favorite way, stipple it with e.l.f HD blush in Headliner – which gives me a sun-kissed pinky glow.  As I am someone who shuns the sun, this is one way for me to look like I actually get outside 😀

Translucent Bronzing Tint is ideal for use alone or with all Dr.Hauschka moisturizers. This liquid mineral tint offers a sun-kissed glow while gently blending and softening the appearance of blemishes and imperfections. Skin looks healthy, fresh, even-toned and radiant.

  • A soothing combination of olive oil, beeswax and mineral pigments nourish and bring color to the skin for a sheer, sun-kissed appearance
  • Anthyllis and witch hazel tone and firm skin
  • Can be blended with body moisturizers and sunscreens to add or even color
  • Used as directed, Translucent Bronzing Tint lasts approximately 4-5 months
  • Formerly known as Translucent Bronze Concentrate

description from store.drhauschka.com

This can be expensive, but as I stated, a little goes a long way.  You can find it on ebay and other sites, including Dr Hauschka’s website.  It retails for $39.95

e.l.f HD Blush in Headliner

I wanted to try an HD blush, which I guess is a highly pigmented blush that goes on soft.  Or something like that.  I cannot find a reason why there is such a thing as HD blush, but I know I had to have one!!  😀  I didn’t want to spend an outrageous amount of money on a cream blush and I had read a lot of great reviews on e.l.f.’s HD blush.  I decided to go for a nice pinky color, the lightest one they had, called Headliner.  As you can see from the swatch, it is pretty darn bright – until you start blending it in!   On its own, it is barely noticeable, however, I love mixing the bronzing tint with this HD blush.  I cannot rave enough about it.  You can purchase this blush at Target and also on e.l.f’s website for $3.00 (what a bargain!)


Rich and creamy HD Blush naturally sculpts and highlights the cheekbones for a soft-focus effect that is great for everyday use. The Vitamin E enriched formula conditions and hydrates the skin for a healthy, radiant glow. Velvety soft, lightweight and highly pigmented color creates a long-lasting result for all day wear.

description from eyeslipsface.com



With Flash: e.l.f. HD blush in Headliner, Dr. Hauschka bronzing tint



With Flash:  Using MAKE stipple brush, e.l.f HD blush & Dr Hauschka mixed together.  You can see the Dr Hauschka color by itself on the edges as I wanted to show its color without the blush


AROMAFLAGE Botanical Fragrance & Insect Repellent


Bug spray?  You must be joking, right?  NO!!  This “bug spray” is the most delicious scent I have smelled in a long time and I will wear this, bugs or no!!  Does it work on bugs?  I don’t know – I will find out when I make my yearly trek to the swamps of Michigan (lake country), but for now, I love this scent.    I got a teeny tiny sample of this in my Summer Yuzen box, and I had to purchase the full version.  It isn’t cheap for a bug spray, but for a perfume, it is about normal – I would say these are on the same level as Nest perfumes as far as unique scents.    I need to purchase another one as a backup.  I hope they never stop making this!   It retails for $65.00 for 50ml at Aromaflage

Aromaflage™ is a fine fragrance that also repels insects. From the Southeast Asian tropics, Aromaflage combines notes of citrus fruit, warm cedarwood, silken vanilla, & nourishing Vitamin E. Aromaflage is the perfect  fragrance holiday travel and stocking stuffers. It is your healthy alternative to living your outdoor chic lifestyle.

A Southeast Asian tradition:: Aromaflage is comprised of aromatic essential oils native to the Southeast Asian region.  Our fragrance is inspired by the age-old tradition of using botanical extracts to repel insects, a practice first documented by ancient Roman, Greek, and Indian scholars and is still common throughout tropical regions worldwide. Aromaflage also contains nourishing Vitamin E, recognized for its restorative properties and protective anti-oxidants, helping to fortify the skin against damaging elements of the outdoors. 

Our commitment to quality and functionality:: Our custom 50ml bottles are made from the finest glass in the world, designed in the south of France, and are decorated with precious 24K gold. Aromaflage comes packaged in a travel friendly pouch which lends itself to on-the-go use.

description from  aromaflage.com



Rainbow Honey Nail Honey Cuticle Oil



I got a mini of this in my March Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey, so I have been loving this product for a few months now. It is so moisturizing and I love that I just ‘paint’ on the oil over my cuticles, nails and surrounding nail bed.  It is easy to do and it absorbs quickly.   I love cuticle butter, but this oil is now my favorite method of moisturizing my cuticles!   I have since then purchased the full size version.  You can purchase the full size for $12.00/15ml or the mini for $5.00/5ml at Rainbow Honey

Treat your nails and cuticles to a little TLC with Dee’s secret weapon against dry  skin!  Our products are designed and made in the US at the Rainbow Honey Lab in Clifton, New Jersey. Always free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate (the “big 3”), 100% vegan and cruelty free.

description from rainbowhoney.com


Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel


Another doctor whose name I cannot pronounce!!  At any rate, I love this soothing gel.  It is great for my acne and I received a small sample of it in my May Saffron Rouge Inner Circle subscription and I quickly bought the full size.  It is not inexpensive, but again, a little goes a long way.  This is an anti-bacterial tonic.  I love the scent of this product – I can smell the grape alcohol and then the lavender kicks in –  such a wonderful herbal smell.  It is very nice and cooling on my troubled skin spots.   You can purchase this at Saffron Rouge for $65.00 for 4 oz, which is supposed to be a 2 month supply.  I guess if you use it everyday as an all over face moisturizer, this would only last 2 months. However, as I use it for acne, this will last me much longer.

Organic Soothing Gel is a deeply comforting, soothing and hydrating antibacterial treatment that leaves skin soft, supple and refreshed. Good for sensitive skin and post waxing, electrolysis or any hair removal procedure, as well as being ideal for inflammatory conditions including acne, eczema and rosacea.  Oily skin types can use the Organic Soothing Gel in place of a Day or Night cream as a moisturizer to promote a smooth and shine-free complexion.

Ingredients: Into our base of Organic Aloe Vera Gel* and Witch Hazelº the following organic and wild-crafted herbals are blended: organically grown grape alcohol* (from the fermentation of organically grown grains). Greater Nettle*, Wild Chamomileº, Myrrhº, European Elder*, Sweet Weed*, and French Lavender*. Curacao Orange*, Benzoinº, Rosemary*, Olibanumº, Wild Fennelº, Balm Mint*, Sea Oakº, Atlantic Kelpº and Red Seaweedº. Also added are natural vitamin B and vitamin C complexes and 100% pure essential oils.

* – Signifies certified organically grown.
º – Signifies ethically wild-crafted.

description from alkaitis.com

I hoped you enjoyed reading about my favorite new products. Let me know if you have tried them and what you think about these products or comment on your own favorite recent finds!


3 thoughts on “June: Products I really like a lot!

  1. That waterbottle was the one reason I was sad I didn’t get Popsugar in May!! It is not ONLY adorable, but I soo want to make my own flavored water. Also, LOVE the Laqa. So thrilled we traded. It’s such an amazing color and I am so happy that it is actually purple on my lips too. I get tons of compliments with it on.

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